Flash Sale! 50% Off! Ends Sunday January

Flash Sale! 50% Off! Ends Sunday January 21! Cotton Classic & Cotton Classic Lite plus FREE pattern with every order! http://ow.ly/XnJQw http://ow.ly/i/g5UIS

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My Yarn Candy Store

Why I love owning Cotton Clouds!

Every year I get to take off for a long weekend and attend TNNA (The National Needlework Association) to see the very latest yarns, patterns, books and trends in the industry.

Here are my favorites! Sign up for our e-newsletters for latest updates on when we add these very new and super-luscious products!

Fun with friends & classy hotels!

Irene at TNNA 2016, San Diego, CA   Grand Horton Hotel     Irene & Lois Weaver



Luscious new yarns!

New Cotton Supreme          100% Organic Cotton       Cotton Supreme Splash


Interesting New Designs!

Spirals                         Multi-Stripes                        Classic

Must-Have New Swatch Maker!

Available in 8, 10 & 12 epi to swatch before beginning a project. Great for RH weavers too!

Gorgeous New Patterns!

Stunning designs in cotton, silk, wool, cashmere merino and of course cotton!

My Spinzilla Passion!

The Spinning & Weaving Group was there!

Sprout & Seedling!

Lots and Lots of New Colors added to our line of 100% Organic Sprout & Seedling!

As you can see owning your own mail order yarn business for over 36 years does have it’s perks.  We will be sharing many of these new products through our e-newsletter so be sure to sign up HERE!

Irene Schmoller, Founder & Owner


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The Birth of “A Year of Towels” Kit Club

Start the year off right!

Rigid Heddle Year of Towels Kit Club!

Join now!


A few years ago I had the idea of designing twelve towel projects to share with my fellow rigid heddle weavers.

I started with basic plain weave, adding simple stripes to jazz up my towels, then as the ball got rolling, or should I say the shuttles were flying, I expanded on simple plain weave with some of the many weave structures that our rigid heddle looms allow.

Weaving towels on my Schacht FLIP Rigid Heddle Loom has always been the most rewarding weaving for me, with the need for minimal finishing  and the many design possibilities.

As each towel was evolving, the next project idea was beginning to form.   I couldn’t wait to start the next project and I almost felt like I was on a production line!  My shuttles were definitely flying!


Houndstooth Plaid Towels

Another great thing about weaving towels is that they can be woven in any size depending on the width of your loom, from small-sized tea towels to generously sized kitchen towels.

There is always a need for kitchen towels.

They make great gifts too! My friends and family love receiving my hand woven towels and almost expect them for their birthday and holiday gifts.  Most of these towels are woven in our soft, super-absorbent, all-natural, unmercerized Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton.

Each kit comes with all the yarns, instructions and pattern resources you’ll need to weave two to four towels depending on kit.


Diamond Lace Towels

Much of my inspiration came from The Weaver’s Idea Book. It’s a great reference for many of the pick up techniques and designs I used in these towels. It’s a must for any rigid heddle weaver’s library!


Stained Glass Towels

When all twelve projects were complete,  I loaded them into two huge shopping bags and drove to my mom’s house for a photo shoot. 

My mom’s collection of kitchen props is amazing! I was even able to use one of my grandma’s antique cookie jars and we actually ate the pie in one of the photos for Thanksgiving!

Once we had twelve great weaving projects and twelve great photos, it was time to design the calendar for our “Year of Towels:  Rigid Heddle Weaving”.

Designing the calendar fell into place and presto,  A Year of Towels Kit-of-the-Month Club for Rigid Heddle  was born.

Order any of these kits individually or join our

Year of Towels Kit-of-the-Month Club

FREE SHIPPING all year when you join the club!

Come join the fun! I’m here to answer any of your questions whether it’s about ordering or when you start warping and weaving! Come join our Kit-of-the-Month Club Group on FB for hints & tips and inspiration!

KOMC Group Vista Print

                           Join us at: http://tinyurl.com/zky3mzj

Jodi Ybarra, your fellow rigid heddle weaver at Cotton Clouds.

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Why I love the Sidekick!

Free Shipping*, Free Fibers, Free Gift till 7/15/16

Meet the Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel!

Sidekick Collage 11-20-15 3

An Unconventional Spinning Wheel

Five years ago I would have never guessed that I would fall in love with such an unconventional-looking spinning wheel! But let’s not yet judge this wheel by it’s looks!

My first and Only Wheel?

For over 30 years, I’d been spinning on a typical vintage-style wheel that was the love of my life. Well, geez, I learned to spin hand-carded wool from a fleece shorn just down the hill from me in NorthWest Arkansas.  Mind you, that was way back in 1973 when the only wheels around were old rickety ones that weren’t very efficient or those, like mine thatIrene & Ashford wheel 1973 had to be ordered from New Zealand and put together on my living room floor.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved that spinning wheel.  It had seen me through thick and thin, through moves from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Santa Barbara, California to Northern and then Southeastern Arizona.  My “treat-it-rough” and throw it in the back of my Honda CRX to spin-ins, workshops and retreats never disappointed.  I learned to spin my first cotton on it from my mentors Harry & Olive Linder.



Irene circa 1990


It went to a friend who was starting to teach spinning and couldn’t afford to purchase as many wheels as she needed for each beginning spinner.  Someone bought it.  It disappeared from my hectic life growing Cotton Clouds into a successful mail order business.



The Ingeniously Designed Sidekick Showed Up!

Then low and behold, Schacht Spindle Company ingeniously built the Sidekick with the same ingenuity as their Matchless and Lady Bug wheels.  But there was something very unique about the Sidekick.  It was so portable that once I tried it and was convinced it was the kind of wheel I needed, I began throwing in over my shoulder and taking it to parks, to the bank, to downtown street festivals to share my enthusiasm for (cotton) spinning with the rest of the world.Sidekick wheel

It’s Everything I Want in a Wheel!

The Sidekick is everything I’ve ever looked for in a spinning wheel.  It is so responsive to the way I spin, which is mostly using a long draw to spin cotton.  Although I love it for spinning cotton, it will spin every staple-length of wool, cashmere, alpaca, linen and more making it very versatile as well!  It has a wide range of gear ratios (ratios between 4.25 to 15.25.), allowing for these different staple lengths.  It’s an efficient little wheel too!  Double treadles allow you to keep the momentum going with a lot less physical effort.  It’s designed to be very stable and won’t move around as you spin.  Are you wondering what that teal blue wheel is made of?  It’s a steel tire rim that spins and spins and spins because it is so beautifully balanced. While it’s not your traditional spinning wheel with a standard wood wheel, it does the job better and more steadily than anything else!  Of course, the Sidekick is made with all the fine craftsmanship that Schacht Spindle Company is known for.  It can’t be outdone!

Take it on the Go: On Airplanes, On Vacation, On Retreats & Classes!

Sidekick JaneAnd finally, besides all that I’ve praised the Sidekick for above, one of my very favorite attributes about this wheel is that it is so very lightweight, easily collapses to fit into a shoulder carry bag, making it the best spinning wheel on the market and my #1 favorite spinning wheel. Schacht has cleverly incorporated “quick-release” hardware from the bicycle industry to make collapsing it quick and easy. Comes with a handy carry-strap for on-the-go portability!

Sidekick Carry Bag !

sidekick-bags1Take your Sidekick Spinning Wheel wherever you go!  This Carry Bag is made of rugged recycled polyester fabric with a heavy-duty zipper, bound interior seams and padded to protect your wheel. The Sidekick Bag is designed to fit your Sidekick Spinning Wheel safely and snugly inside. There’s ample room, too, for 3 bobbins and the Collapsible Lazy Kate.  Dimensions: 23″ x 15 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ when packed. The Sidekick Carry Bag can be purchased separately.

Sidekick Lazy Kate!

Schacht took physics to heart when they designed this Lazy Kate. It’s built low to the lazy-kate-collapsible ground (no tipping over during plying), has a unique tensioning feature (no more bobbin back-spinning during plying), and accommodates up to three bobbins. It can be easily disassembled, making it easy to transport or pack — no tools required! This Kate can be used with other spinning wheel bobbins up to 7″ in length. A Collapsible Lazy Kate can be purchased separately.

Meet the Sidekick and Decide for Yourself!

Watch these two short Youtube videos to get to know the Sidekick and see it in motion!  Watch Barry Schacht show you how easy it is to make the Sidekick portable.

Meet the Sidekick!

Watch the Sidekick in Motion!

Oops! Turn your screen or your head!

In My Own Opinion!

With over 35 years of spinning experience, let me tell you that this is a very intelligent spinning wheel.  I highly recommend it to you!

We have a very limited supply in stock.  Feel free to call me directly at 1-800-322-7888 if you have any questions about the Sidekick Spinning Wheel!

Irene Laughing Cloud Schmoller, founder and owner of Cotton Clouds.

Free Shipping*, Free Fibers, Free Gift till 7/15/16

*Free Shipping applies to 48 US States.

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You’ll absolutely love how QUICK, EASY

You’ll absolutely love how QUICK, EASY & FUN it is to to make gifts on the Schacht ZOOM Loom! In stock for immediate delivery. http://ow.ly/UX44G

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Free Shipping Sale! The Schacht Sidekick

Free Shipping Sale! The Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel is everything you want in a spinning wheel: Efficient, Responsive, Practical and Portable! Only two left in stock! Order yours today for free shipping plus free spinning fibers! Check it out at: http://www.cottonclouds.com/shopping/product_info.asp?id=1409&cat=Spinning&panelID=5

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Gift a friend or yourself these quick &

Gift a friend or yourself these quick & easy Waffle Weave Towels to weave on any rigid heddle or 4-shaft looms! Order just in time for the holidays! Check it out at: http://www.cottonclouds.com/shopping/kit_info.asp?id=6175&cat=Weaving&panelID=2

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