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Kit Club Testimonial

Why Join Our Kit-of-the-Month Clubs?

Cricket ClubCotton Clouds specializes in over a 1000 kits for weaving, knitting and crochet!  We’ve organized many of them into  20 Kit Clubs to make online ordering so much easier.

What better way to stay motivated in creating your favorite projects than to join one of these clubs.

Each kit contains just the right amount of yarns to complete your project, access to step-by-step instructions that guarantee success.


Save Money!

Free ShippingOur kits save you time, money and the hassle of figuring out what you’ll need.

Once you join, you’ll automatically receive a kit either every (12 month club) or every other (6 month club) month, right to your front door!

Receive FREE Shipping on every Kit-of-the-Month Club kit!  That’s free to all addresses within the 48 congruous US states.  We allow 10% off your kit to all other addresses.


Learn a new skill while being productive!

RH 2Not only will you stay busy weaving, knitting and crocheting, but you’ll learn many new skills and techniques as well as explore a variety of Cotton Clouds’ yarns in the colors you love.  Discover how unusual color combinations work in these time-tested, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed kits!

There’s something for everyone here!

Rigid Heddle weavers love our Year of Towels, Rigid Heddle #1 and Rigid Heddle #2 Kit Clubs. Cricket loom owners will be happy to weave six projects in our Cricket Scarf Kit Club

winning towelsTowel Lovers on four-shaft looms delight in our Treasury of Towels and Winning Towels, Top 10 Dish Towels.  There is also an 8/2 Project and 10/2 Project Club, a Weaving for Home Club.

Eight-Shaft weavers have a great opportunity to use their loom to the max with our Runners on 8-Shafts Club and Top 10 Towels on 8-Shafts Club.

Four-Shaft weavers will also love our Table Runners Club to weave elegant and practical runners for every occasion!


Scarf Club

Scarves are so easy to make!  Choose from our Scarves on Four Shafts Club, Fancy Schmantzy Scarves Club that can be woven on any two-shaft loom using fun, textured yarns

Knitters have been raving about our  Knitting Scarf ClubThey love the experience of knitting our best selling cotton and cotton blend yarns.




baby club


Babies, Babies, Babies love to be wrapped up in our best selling natural yarns.  Choose to weave either four or eight luscious baby blankets with our Baby Blanket Club. When you join our Basic Baby Blanket Club you’ll receive one kit every other month for a total of four kits; join our Deluxe Baby Blanket Club and receive one kit every month for eight months.


Crochet Socks

Sock Clubs are just plain fun!

Imagine the luxury of knitting or crocheting yourself lots of socks in natural fibers and lots of fun colors!

When you join either of our knitting or crochet sock clubs, we include a book with your club to guide you step-by-step through creating the perfectly fitting sock.

Our Crochet Sock Club  includes the book and enough yarn to crochet  twelve fun pair of socks. Our Knit Sock Club includes the book and an instructional DVD along with enough yarn to knit yourself six pair of socks.

Join Our Facebook Kit Club Group

Whether you’re a member of any of our Kit Clubs or not, be sure to join our Facebook Kit-of-the-Month Club Group to see what everyone is weaving, learn new tips and hints we post as well as be the first to hear about our unadvertised sales!


Click HERE to view all our Cotton Clouds’ Kit-of-the-Month Clubs.  Don’t delay!  Join today to start getting your favorite kits shipped right to your front door.  Remember shipping is always free (48 US States) on all kit club kits!     


                                   Have fun!  Irene & Jodi

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FREE SHIPPING all year long when you JOI

FREE SHIPPING all year long when you JOIN our Kit-of-the-Month Clubs! Over 20 clubs to choose from for 2, 4 and 8 shaft weaving, knitting and crochet! Plus free gift when you join NOW!

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Red BUGS!!!

Rocio's scarvesDid you know that you can get a beautiful natural dyed RED from bugs?Cochineal (Dactylopius coccus) grows on cacti of the Opuntia family (prickly pear cactus) and is native to tropical and subtropical South America and Mexico.


from left: Irene (me),  Rocio, Robin

Recently, I sponsored a Cochineal Dye Workshop at Meridian Jacobs Farm with owner, Robin Lynde. Rocio Mena Guitterez (our gal from The Natural Dye Project: see her blogs) came from Mexico City to share her knowledge of the process of turning dead bugs into RED!



First we tried our hand at stamping fabric with varying concentrations of mordants and then immersing them in the cochineal dye bath.  Note that the background on these remain white because the fabric was not pre-mordanted prior to stamping and when immersed in the bath only the stamped areas took the dye. 

Greenhouse-Cochineal-Farm-Oaxaca-IndiaCochineal is grown on farms in Oaxaca, Mexico. The males are separated from the females and discarded since it is only the females that give the red dye. (No one could figure out how they knew male from female!)


bugs 2

Lots of tiny Cochineal bugs ready for us to grind up into a fine red powder.




ground bugs2

Traditionally, a mortar and pestle is used to turn the dried cochineal bugs into a fine powder, but these modern-day gals resorted to their handy coffee grinder to do the trick in a flash!



boiling bugs

Once the water is hot, the fine powder goes into the pot along with a few natural chemicals and is simmered for about an hour.  Although we were all anxious to get our cotton and silk scarves into the dye bath, we took a lunch break and patiently waited for the magic to begin!

liquid cochineal

Ah, pure gold, but this time it’s pure RED!    The bath is strained, removing any residue cochineal powder.

We goofed, and dropped the strainer and cloth and had to start all over again, but the results was well worth the extra labor!  Now the fun of dyeing our pre-mordanted silk and cotton scarves, that Rocio provided, is about to begin!

dyed fabric

Into the dyepot goes our stamp-designed cotton scarves.

We were so anxious to see the results that we kept lifting them out of the pot.  “No, no, no!” said Rocio, “leave them in the pot!”





happy dyers

At the end of the day, we were all very happy cochineal dyers, thanks to Rocio!


Friendship Towel with Tintes Naturales Kit

If you don’t have time to dye your own cochineal yarns, order our Friendship Towel with Tintes Naturales kit to make towels, vests, jackets, baby blanket and more!  The cotton yarns are dyed with cochineal, osage orange, madder and indigo!

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Bundles of Baby Blankets

Cotton Clouds has Bundles of Baby Blankets!

babyinblankets Babies & blankets go together like chicken and eggs!

Blankets are wonderfully practical items to give as gifts and has a great variety of knitting, weaving and crochet kits from which to choose!

They say that babies love to be swaddled, so tucking in a little one with a handmade blanket is like giving them a little extra hug!

So Soft for Baby’s Delicate Skin!

Cotton is soft on a baby’s delicate skin! Moms love the oh-so-easy care that comes with cotton fabric, no matter if it is knit, crochet or woven! Looking for a few great ideas? Check out the Modern Cotton Baby Blanket Kit, Knit Blankets book, and Organic Cotton Baby Soft Blanket Kit!

Warm in winter, Cool in Summer!

BambuCollageWith their internal temperature regulation still developing, a cotton or cellulose-based yarn like bamboo blanket will help keep the wee one warm in winter and cool in the summer. Our Bambu baby blanket kit includes Bambu, grown without pesticides or fertilizers, making this an ideal all-natural gift. Don’t you just love these two-tone color choices!

Blankets Come In All Sizes!

Blanket ChartBlankets are fabulous projects to make because you don’t have to worry about the fit; any size is useful! Having a fun colorful blanket also makes a great space for the baby to play with their toys and observe the world around them. The kits shown above come with everything you need to make a gift that is sure to be cherished! Clockwise from top right: Panda Silk Waffle Weave Baby Blanket, Sprout Baby Blanket, Sweet Honeycomb Waffle Weave Baby Blanket, and Pakucho Organic Cotton Baby Blanket.

Help Children Around the World!

Friendship Baby Blanket CollageWith our newest kit, the Friendship Baby Blanket, you can help others help their children as well! The Friendship Baby Blanket is part of a larger project: The Natural Dye Project that allows the women to earn a living wage. When your favorite baby is snuggled in one of these blankets (each kit makes two!), hand-dyed and handwoven with love, know that a child in San Rafael, Guatemala will have a richer life!

It Takes a Village!

babypeekingChildren grow and thrive when they are surrounded by love! What projects have you made that are your favorites to make for babies? Does your child have a favorite blanket or snuggle buddy?

We invite you to share them with us by posting to our Facebook page or our Ravelry group, tag us on Instagram when you snap a quick picture, and join us in the Cotton Clouds Kit-of-the-Month Facebook group!

Inspire someone today to make a wonderful baby gift! Here’s to many snuggles and cuddles with a cozy blanket!

~ Irene & Jodi

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The birth of a baby afghan


Got BABY?  Need Blanket?

Annie's Afghan CC

Make square after square for a collection of washcloths for Baby, or stitch them together for a cuddly blankie! 

Cotton Clouds’ has put this Annie’s pattern  book together along with Cotton Classic  yarns and made it into a KIT!

Looking for a simple yet beautiful gift for that new one? Look no further than this baby blocks collection. This book includes instructions for 10 easy-to-knit blocks, each featuring a different textured pattern. Also included are instructions for a block with a slip-stitch pattern; this block is worked 10 times, with each block using different colors for the stripes.

Annie's 5

Worked in soft Cotton Classic, 100% cotton yarn and sewn together, the 20 blocks create a lovely baby blanket. Knit individually, they work equally well as washcloths for bath time.

The textured patterns are very geometric—diamonds, squares, basket weaves, circles, zigzag and more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the variety of stitch patterns as you work each 8-inch block. Special consideration was taken that the blocks do not have any lace holes or strands of yarn to catch little fingers or toes.

So grab your yarn and needles and get started on this fun, portable and always interesting project! It’s easy to order this all-in-one BABY BLOCK AFGHAN KIT with all the Cotton Classic  yarns and instructions you’ll need!

Meet the Designer

designerMy mother taught me to knit when I was 9 or 10 years old, but it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I picked up the needles again, and I haven’t put them down since. What started out as a hobby, knitting for my three children, has become a full-time career. I began knitting model garments for the yarn industry, and at the same time working on some of
my own designs.

I then began doing freelance designing, and my patterns have appeared in the collections of Classic Elite, Fiber Trends, Tahki Stacy Charles, Lion Brand Yarns and others. They have been published by Annie’s and Interweave Press. In 2001,
I launched my own business, Lisa Knits, a line of knitwear patterns that are available in yarn shops across
the country.page3image18856page3image19016

Basic Block & Afghan Informationpage5image2192page5image2352page5image2512

Skill Level: EasyAnnie;s Afghan4

Finished Measurements

Block: 8 x 8 inches

Afghan: 32 x 40 inches


  • Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic (DK weight; 100% mercerized cotton;
    108 yds/50g per hank):
  • 6 hanks butter yellow #3548 (A);
  • 2 hanks each coral #3473 (B), leaf green #3716 ,(C) soft turquoise #3816 (D), light denim #3847 (E) and light wisteria #3915 (F)
  • Size 7 (4.5mm) needles or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Stitch markers (optional)


20 sts and 28 rows = 4 inches/10cm in St st. To save time, take time to check gauge.A121090 copy

Pattern Notes

The afghan consists of 20 blocks made with Cotton Classic yarns: 1 each of the 10 different-color textured blocks and 10 slip-stitch blocks that are worked with 1 main color and  2 contrasting colors that vary with each block.

Each textured block requires approximately 70 yards. Each slip-stitch block requires approximately
50 yards of A (main color) and 14 yards each of 2 contrasting colors.

Each block begins and ends with 41 stitches.
The borders are worked in Seed stitch and the centers are worked in the different pattern stitches. If desired, place markers between the 4-stitch
Seed stitch borders and the main pattern stitches. See each block for the pattern stitches.


With A and using whipstitch or mattress stitch seam, using Cotton Classic yarn to sew blocks together create a 4-column, 5-row checkerboard of textured blocks (Blocks 1–10) and slip- stitch blocks (Blocks 11A–11J) in any order desired.

Order BABY BLOCK AFGHAN KIT now and save $12!

Annie;s Afghan3It’s a great way to learn 10 new textured stitch patterns!

Make 20 practical and soft washcloths for baby or yourself!

Create a luscious baby blanket afghan for your favorite baby!

Made with 100% mercerized Cotton Classic cotton yarn!

Machine wash and dryable!

Baby will love you for their  blankie and so will the happy parents!

                                                              Enjoy,  Irene & Jodi

visit us online at .  Register for e-newsletter sales and product updates.  Join us on Facebook for lots of fun and prizes.

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What Makes Your Heart Happy?


What Makes Your Heart Happy?

During February we’ve been talking a lot about doing things to keep your heart healthy, and we shouldn’t forget that an important part of heart health is doing what you love! This commercial for Equador, with the stunning photography and wonderful Beatles tune, certainly made our heart soar when we saw it! It’s a beautiful world out there, we should get out and enjoy it!


 Our Ravelry Group Responds

Happy Heart CollageWe posed the question, “What Makes Your Heart Happy?”, to our Ravelry group and had a wonderful variety of answers that we expected, and some we didn’t. Weavers, spinners, knitters and crocheters all responded, where you one of them? Feel free to join us! Here are a few of the responses that really struck us:

  •  …when that idea becomes a project just the way you imagined it.
  • Right now my livestock makes me happy… baby ducks next week, and baby goats not too long after that!
  • When my husband helps me warp my looms.
  • Those breath-taking moments in nature like watching a raptor soar on a thermal make my heart sing.
  • Color in the winter!

Crafting a Happy Heart

A fabulous way to brighten up the drab winter days is to bring the color RED into your next project! Red is eye-catching, energizing, and is the color of energy, passion and action! Creating and giving are two of the most important parts to keep your heart happy.

Cotton Clouds will donate 10% of all Stitch Red kit sales (through March 1, 2015) to Heart Truth, an organization that promotes women’s heart health. Join us, and together we can save lives … it could be your own!

 A Chuckle A Day…

Everyone likes a good laugh, but in all seriousness, more women die of cardiovascular disease than all forms of cancer combined! Too many of us have family members dealing with heart issues. Take good care of your heart! Give your heart lots of love, with laughter and smiles, exercise and a healthy diet!

Need a New Plan for Your Healthy Heart?

NIHheart2If you need another little boost to help you get started, check out the #4MyHeart campaign from the Heart Truth! They have a 4-week action plan that will educate you, inspire better eating, lower your heart disease risk, and take the next steps to put you in control of your healthy heart!

Cheers to Happy Hearts, Living Creatively, and Following Your Heart’s Desire!

– Irene & Jodi



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My Red, Red Heart

“One out of every four women will die of heart disease” 

Cotton Clouds is sponsoring Stitch Red to raise awareness about the dangers of Heart Disease in women.  We’ll donate 10% of sales through March 1, 2015  to The Heart Truth  on all Cotton Clouds’  exclusively designed Stitch Red kits.

“Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of American Women”

There are early warning symptoms and ways to prevent this disease from devastating our lives.  Click Here to download “The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women” and Click Here to watch the video “Heart Attack Warning Signs”.  For the story to really hit home , Click Here to view the  video “Just a Little Heart Attack”, by Emmy Award Winning actress Elizabeth Banks, dramatizing our lives as women to to hilt.  Don’t wait till it’s too late. Please do it now!

Cotton Clouds’ Stitch Red Exculsively Designed Kits

Our Stitch Red kits are quick and easy to knit, weave, crochet or spin .

Remember that National Wear Red Day is on February 6 . It’s a great way to show your suport for women’s heart health issues.  Let’s all dazzle them in red!

Stitch Red Chenille Scarf Kit

We asked our weaving designer, Robin Lynde from Meridian Jacobs to design us a soft and luscious chenille scarf kit that would really say red, the color associated with warmth, power and passion. Here are her notes on how she designed this scarf.

Lots of Red Rayon Chenille yarns

    1. I love having a good supply of reds on hand.  Scarlatto, Show Off Red, Scarlet all have subtle color differences. Although I used only Scarlatto in this chenille scarf I also sometimes like to blend them all in one warp. Gypsy Chenille Mini Cones are a great way to get small amounts of a variety of colors. 

      Easy warping multi-colored or multi-shaded warps

    2.  Whether I’m winding a mult-colored or mulit-shaded warp I use an easy method that keeps everything in order.  Click Here for my easy warping method. 

      Rayon Chenille is so easy to weave!

    3. Click Here for all our TIPS on Weaving with Chenille.  Once the Gypsy Chenille scarf is on the loom, it’s easy sailing to weave it off.  I warped and wove this Stitch Red Scarf  Kit in less than a day! And this kit is designed to weave either one thick & snuggly scarf or two narrower scarves, so you can weave one for yourself and give the other as a way of promoting women’s heart health to someone you love!

      Throw your scarf in the washer!

    4. The best way to finish and full this scarf is to put it in the washer on gentle with a very mild laundry liquid.  Throw it in the dryer and remove just before completely dry.  Complete warping, weaving and finishing instructions included with your Stitch Red Chenille Scarf kit!

Be sure to check out all our Stitch Red Kits.  There’s here  something for everyone…knitter, crocheter, spinner and weaver. Plus watch for our cute new Cotton Classic Lite Stitch Red Beret kit coming soon!

RED is truly the color of love, passion and a way of reminding us to STOP, smell the roses, take care of ourselves and do what we love for ourselves and all we love! 

Happy Heart Health Awareness to you!
Irene & Jodi

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