A Year of Towels Kit-of-Month Club

Rigid Heddle Year of Towels Kit Club!


A Dream Come True

Several years ago  I had the idea of designing twelve towel projects to share with my fellow rigid heddle weavers. I wanted to give them towels that were easy to weave, yet looked professional. 

I started with basic plain weave, adding simple stripes to jazz up my towels, then as the ball got rolling, or should I say the shuttles flying, I expanded on simple plain weave with some of the many weave structures that our rigid heddle looms allow.

Nature’s Earth Cotton Towels

Towels so easy to weave!

Weaving towels on my Schacht FLIP Rigid Heddle Loom has always been the most rewarding weaving for me, with the need for minimal finishing  and the many design possibilities.

patterned stripes
Towels with Patterned Stripe

Evolving Towel Designs

As each towel was evolving, the next project idea was beginning to form.   I couldn’t wait to start the next project and I almost felt like I was on a production line!  My shuttles were definitely flying!

Houndstooth Plaid Towels

Versatile for any size loom!

Another great thing about weaving towels is that they can be woven in any size depending on the width of your loom, from small-sized tea towels to generously sized kitchen towels.

There is always a need for kitchen towels.

They make great gifts too! My friends and family love receiving my hand woven towels and almost expect them for their birthday and holiday gifts.  Most of these towels are woven in our soft, super-absorbent, all-natural, unmercerized Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton.

Down-by-the Lake Towels

Everything you need

Each kit comes with all the yarns, instructions and pattern resources you’ll need to weave two to four towels depending on kit.

Diamond Lace Towels

Lots of inspiration!

Much of my inspiration came from The Weaver’s Idea Book.

It’s a great reference for many of the pick up techniques and designs I used in these towels.

It’s a must for any rigid heddle weaver’s library!

Stained Glass Towels

Photo Shoot

When all twelve projects were complete,  I loaded them into two huge shopping bags and drove to my mom’s house for a photo shoot. 

2013-11-26 13.30.56
Waffle Weave Towels

Thanks Mom!

My mom’s collection of kitchen props is amazing! I was even able to use one of my grandma’s antique cookie jars and we actually ate the pie in one of the photos for Thanksgiving!

Log Cabin Towels
Cotton Fingertip Towels
Cornucopia of Color Towels

Join Now!

Come join the fun!  Join now and receive FREE SHIPPING on every club kit, all year-long!  Whether you are new to rigid heddle weaving or you’ve been loving it for a long time, you’re going to love the convenience of these kits with everything you need to weave either two or four towels each month!

Join our Year of Towels® Kit of the Month club now!

Cricket 15″ Kit Club

I’ve written the instructions for our Year of Towels® Kit-of-the-Month club for the 15″ wide Cricket Loom!  Click HERE to Join Now!

I’m here to help!

 I’m here to answer any of your questions whether it’s about ordering or when you start warping and weaving!   Email me at Jodi@cottonclouds.com 

Jodi Ybarra, your fellow rigid heddle weaver at Cotton Clouds

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jodi says:

    You will only need one reed. To get 20 ends per inch you will just need to have two threads in each hole and two threads in each slot. I like to start in a hole as this seems to make a better selvage. Each of the kits in the Year of Towel Weaving Club will only need one reed which makes things much easier. I like to double the threads because the towels come out nice and thick.

  2. Jodi says:

    You will be putting 4 ends in each hole following the warp order chart. Then after you wind the yarns onto the back beam, you will transfer two of the threads from the hole and sley them into a slot. When your all done you should have two in each hole and two in each slot all the way across. Then you can tie the warp ends onto the front beam. Then you are ready to weave!

  3. Michele says:

    I am a beginner with the rigid heddle loom and these towels look like a great way to learn, try new things safely, and even make gifts. 🙂 I understand that you thread two ends in each dent (on a 10 dent reed) to get the 20 eli. Do you need to be careful that threads don’t twist around in the slot/holes as you weave? Also – what about the weft? Is that a single thread or doubled as well? Does the kit explain how to warp this and weave?

    1. Hi Michele,
      The Year of Towels for Rigid Heddle Weaving Club is the perfect way to learn new techniques and make fantastic gifts for loved ones. Each of these towel projects use doubled threads in the warp and the weft that produce soft, absorbent towels.

      Each project has easy to follow instructions, even for the beginning weaver to follow. The threads are doubled in the warp and may twist together a bit but it’s ok if this happens while weaving and isn’t noticeable.

      The weft threads are also doubled. We wind the weft yarns on two seperate cones making it very easy to wind your threads doubled onto your stick shuttle. You will be learning new techniques and weaving fantastic towels that you will love to give as gifts or even keep for yourself. I personally have a hard time giving them away but when I do my family and friends absolutely love them.

      Happy weaving!

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