Learn To Weave SuperSoftCotton® Towels On A Rigid Heddle Loom

Curious About Weaving?

Have you always been curious about weaving but didn’t know where to start? Love yarn and want to learn a new craft to make your own practical towels, table linens, pillow tops as well as stunning clothing, adorable baby blankets and more?

A simple and affordable loom!

Yet the idea of investing in an expensive and oversized piece of equipment like a floor loom has kept you from even considering the idea of learning to weave. What you want is a small, inexpensive and portable loom that will jumpstart your interest in weaving and help you learn the skills you need to be successful! That’s exactly what this STUDIO SPECIAL is all about!

Gain Weaving Confidence

Whether you’re new to weaving or have been loving it for years, you’ll gain weaving confidence month after month as you weave a set of SuperSoftCotton® towels. At the end of a year, you’ll have a stack of 24 (or 48) towels, have learned many new weaving techniques and gained the weaving confidence you’ll need to go on to designing your own handwovens.

Thanks to Yarnworker for this video

Everything you need to start now!

Studio Special Includes:

*24″ Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom with 7.5 dpi reed
*Ashford 10 dpi reed
*Ashford table clamp
*Ashford warping peg
*Ashford threading hook
*2@ Ashford stick shuttles
*2@ Ashford pickup stick
*Membership in SuperSoftCotton® Towel Kit-of-the-Month Club to be billed monthly for a year.
*Learn to Weave On A Rigid Heddle Loom PDF booklet
*Access to Ashford Step-by-Step How-To Videos

Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom

Rigid Heddle Weaving Resources

ASHFORD VIDEOS have just about everything you need to learn to weave all on your own at home. Find all the video instruction you’ll need from Ashford Rigid Heddle weaving videos.

HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE VIDEOS has a helpful selection of videos on warping, weaving, troubleshooting plus many how-to books and free patterns. You can find all of these on the Long Thread Media website .

Once you see how easy it is to put the WARP on the loom with just a few easy and rewarding steps to being ready to weave, you’ll dig right in and have two towels woven in no time!

Jodi Ybarra designed these dozen towel sets for the very beginner in mind. Her patterns, included in every towel kit will take you step-by-step in warping and weaving your kit into a beautiful handwoven SuperSoftCotton® Towel.

Here to Help!

Why Join This Kit-of-the-Month Club?

Like anything else, when you first learn a new skill, you need to practice doing each step over and over and over again until you gain confidence in what you have learned. It’s the same with learning to weave. By joining our SuperSoftCotton® Towel Kit-of-the-Month Club, you will receive enough yarn each month to weave a set of two towels. Our easy, step-by-step warping, weaving and finishing instructions will take you every step of the way to gain the weaving confidence you need to feel successful. We GuranteeSuccess®.
Click on on image below to read blog about what you get out of the club!

Add A Loom Stand for better comfort!

Our strong and sturdy Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Stand has an adjustable loom angle and foot rest for comfortable weaving. It’s easy to assemble and attach, with two handy shelves. Made in solid New Zealand Silver Beech hardwood to match your loom.

Join the Weaving Revolution!

If you love yarns, you’re going to love how easy it is to learn to weave. We are here to help you get started weaving with this affordable loom and weaving projects that are easy and fun to weave, whether you are new to weaving or have been loving it for years!

Join now!

If you’re very new to weaving, we suggest ordering our Learn to Weave Studio Special with everything you need to get started weaving these SuperSoftCotton®Towels now! If you already own a rigid heddle loom, we suggest joining our SuperSoftCotton®Towel Kit-of-the-Month Club. Either way you’re going to just love the experience! We guarantee it!

Irene & Jodi

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