Who We Are


Blog author: Irene R. Schmoller

Business: Cotton Clouds, Inc. www.cottonclouds.com

Born July 14, 1948 (Bastille Day)

N.Y, N.Y (Gotham Hospital!)

Raised in Miami, Florida

I love the beach, swimming in any body of water, hiking in the mountains, yoga, NIA dance, contemplating nature.

I’m most happy being a creative cook, knitting, spinning, reading The New Yorker.

Three things I’d like to see eliminated from the world: war, plastic popcorn, environmental polution on all scales.

Last Favorite Books Read: Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

One Comment Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    Irene – you are so much more than this. You are a sister to lock arms with; an enthusiastic mentor who will share all you want to know; tireless investor in the game of life; a never ending source of strengthening; a person who sees the ironies of life with a smile on her face. But even I am not able to scratch the surface of who you are. I continually grateful you are in my life to show me another view. Be blessed.

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