Why Tapestry Weaving?

Food for My Soul

I hear the music of my soul when I do tapestry weaving. Sitting quietly and weaving color into harmony; into a fabric–it tells my story. In the end it’s just my fabric that has recorded the slow movement of my hands over time into its meaning and memory . My thoughts, my processing, my remembrance of times in the past with loved ones. I can feel the joy, the sorrow , the love that those memories bring, all while weaving my story. This is the perfect form of weaving right now, while staying at home is starting to fray around the edges. It puts me at peace.

Tapestry is such an organic process.

Tapestry Weaving is an organic form of weaving

What is tapestry?

 Tapestry is a weft-faced weave made with discontinuous wefts. It uses techniques such as flat plainweave, soumak, rya, and clasped weft. 

What Do You Need to Get Started?

All you’ll need is a tapestry loom and a beater, a good book with illustrations, some beautiful yarn to create a tapestry fabric and access to online tutorials.

OOPS! Didn’t I mention the our new weaving education tool gives you just that. Everything to get you started now.

About Getting Started!

About getting started. The reason I put this weaving package priced under $500 was to give you all some motivation. I hear from so many friends and family that this long pandemic is starting to fray at the edges. I find those friends that have a craft, especially weaving, are staying motivated by the leaps of faith they are taking in their ability to reach out and explore all weaving has to offer.

Order Now!

Do you need something to make a commitment to, some goal to set that will keep you on the road ahead, no matter how rocky it may become or with hopes of reaching the other shore of health and peace of heart in every being. Tapestry weaving my just be that stimulus to keep you going.

Arras Tapestry Loom Studio Special!

Everything you need to get started weaving now!

Sure you can take a piece of cardboard and make some slits at the top and bottom to weave a tapestry. But it’s not very practical for a larger piece of art.

I’ve put this package together so that you’ll have everything you’ll need to start tapestry weaving. It really is quite easy. The video tutorials make so much difference. They’re free on the Schacht Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe.

The Schacht Arras Tapestry Loom

The Arras Tapestry Loom embraces age old traditions with a modern, thoughtfully designed loom. Function, aesthetics and comfort create a sturdy loom that is a joy to weave on. 

The Arras Tapestry Loom will withstand the rigors of tapestry weaving and is also inviting to weavers new to tapestry weaving.

Everything you want in a tapestry loom!

Here’s why we love this loom!

Generous sizing—20″ weaving width and a continuous warp of 45″. For longer warps, add the optional beam kit upgrade with ratcheted cloth and warp beams.
*Convenient warping—set the loom in a horizontal or vertical position to warp in a way that is comfortable to you.
*Cartoon holder—Clip your cartoon to the handy cartoon holder. It snaps into place below the warp guide.Ergonomic design—set the loom height and weaving angle that is most comfortable for you.
*Easy storage —The legs fold up for travel or storage.
*Portable—the loom weighs 10 pounds

Arras Tapestry Loom:Practical & Efficient

We make it easy!

We wouldn’t just throw the loom at you (oops!) without giving you the tools you need to learn tapestry weavings!

Schacht has put together a wealth of Tapestry Weaving Tutorials that will show you how to warp, tension, and get started weaving in no time! Jane Patrick will show you how to accomplish all these techniques in this one Sampler Bag.

From assembling to warping to weaving, there’s a Youtube video to show you how!

Jane is a renowned teacher author, former Handwoven editor and creative designer for Schacht Spindle Company, whose husband Barry Schacht is its founder.

Sampler Bag

Of course the best way to learn is by doing. You’ll be able to jump right in to tapestry weaving by following the step-by-step instructions using our versatile Cotton Fine (80% Pima cotton/20% Merino wool) yarn. It has just the right of give to be ideal for tapestry weaving.

Jane will show you everything from shading in plainweave, Rya knots , interloking joins, clasped weft, and soumak and much more. You can finish the bag with an inkle band or yarn braids.

Included with your Arras Tapestry Loom Studio Special is enough yarn to weave this really fun Sampler Bag

Click HERE to see Jane Patrick’s Blog on how to make this!

Even a Weave-Along!

Sign up HERE to join Jane Patrick’s Explore Tapestry Weave-Along where she’ll take you step-by-step through the processes of creating this Sampler Bag.

Jane has been at home during this pandemic getting to know the new Arras Tapestry Loom—and rediscovering tapestry weaving.

Explore Tapestry Weaving Weave-Along with Jane Patrick

She just wove this sampler tapestry bag that will appeared in the May-June issue of Handwoven. There’s a lot to learn from weaving this bag—and you have a usable object when it’s finished.. Look for Jane’s article and her tapestry tips in Handwoven.

Free Shipping ends soon!

We know you have lots on your plate these days. Consider your next step in discovering weaving on the path to tapestry weaving. Don’t wait too long! Our Free Shipping on this Arras Tapestry Studio Special ends September 15, 2020. Order NOW! to get started on this new path of discovery. It just might give you back your weaving mojo, if it’s been fading these past few months, or maybe years.

Happy Weaving! Irene Schmoller

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