Great News!

Cotton Clouds — now a mother & daughter team! 

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Jodi  & Jessica Ybarra will become the new owners of Cotton Clouds, Inc.  March 1, 2021

Jodi (left) & Jessica love hiking in the great outdoors!

Come Join Them!

Truth be told, Jodi knows more about Cotton Clouds than I do! Over the past 35 years, Jodi Ybarra has taken over all operations of ordering, shipping,  product development and a natural way of treating customers with compassion and kindness.   

I am very proud of her!   If you haven’t spoken or emailed Jodi yet you’ll be in for a treat. She’s a self-taught rigid heddle weaver and successful designer who loves to talk about weaving.

Jodi’s daughter, Jessica Ybarra will be joining Jodi at Cotton Clouds’ new location in the cool pines of Payson, Arizona . 

Jessica  radiates fresh ideas and a passion for a healthy, active lifestyle that will add a refreshing move forward for Cotton Clouds.  The future is ready for a better, slower way of living — spinning and weaving can lead the way!  Watch these gals surprise you with some great new projects, yarns, kits, clubs and short how-to videos covering single topics that will make spinning and weaving so much fun and so easy to create!       

Timing is everything!

Irene Schmoller, Founder

Jodi and I have been talking about this transition for a long time.   With her move to North Central  Arizona and Jessica joining her there, the timing is  right for their dream of owning a business together to come true.

I’m ready to put the computer and everything that goes with owning a FiberArts business aside to spend more time with my husband, being by water, doing yoga, dancing NIA and following my  budding  passion for Intuitive Creativity in watercolor, as the artist Irene Sophia.

What I’ll miss most of all is you!  Thank you all for your continued support these 40+ years! You’re the best!                                                             

Sneak Peak!

While Jodi and Jessica have great plans to get to know you by first introducing themselves in the next blog. I just wanted to give you all the heads up on these two dynamic young women (Jodi’s been working for me for over 35 years; I still consider her young like a mother would her daughter).

I know you’ll love them and love the peace-loving energy they will bring to the new Cotton Clouds. Enjoy!!

Jodi Ybarra, designer

Jodi Ybarra will be designing new kits and clubs with your favorite yarns!

Jodi’s designs have been featured in every issue of Long Thread Media’s, Easy Weaving with Little Looms as well as in Handwoven magazine.  

Jodi has designed many of our towels and scarves as well as three rigid heddle kit-of-the-months clubs with her SuperSoftCotton™ Kit-of-the Month-Club her third and best seller! Her video tips and hints will get you over most any obstacle you may encounter in the weaving process.  She’s here to help!

Jessica Ybarra, Social Media Marketing & Inspiration

Jessica Ybarra will be sharing all that’s good at Cotton Clouds

Jodi and Jessica have been dreaming of having their own business together for a very long time.     

With the timing just right, Jessica will be keeping you informed and inspired.  You’ll love her insightful style and designs.   Watch for her new graphics on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and our e-newsletters.

Keeping the best!

Jessica will also be continuing my passion for Video Sunday. Video Sunday was conceived when the Covid-19 pandemic first began in March 2020. I knew that we all were going to go stir crazy, unable to travel the world in our quest to discover more and more exotic textiles. Every week for months our e-newsletter readers were treated with three short videos that took us to exotic lands and peoples, their lifestyles and the natural back-to-the-land fibers and fabrics they create.

I’ll still be here!

As a matter of fact, I’ll be converting the Cotton Clouds office/warehouse into my own art studio! The natural light coming through the passive solar windows along the south side of the building; and utilize the east- facing morning light for yoga and meditation.

I’ll be keeping my email — — for awhile until I figure out how to convert all my personal accounts to a new one. So many of you, our loyal Cotton Clouds customers, have become great phone friends! I don’t want to lose you! Please keep in touch!

Keep on doing what you love with peace in your heart and a smile on your face. Stay healthy and safe and keep the joy!

Irene Schmoller ready to dance!

With all my love, Irene “Laughing Cloud” Schmoller

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