What is it I really do?

I feel like I’m just waking from a dream.  

A 40 year dream of building my own online cotton yarn business from my living room coffee table back in 1979 .  I was sending out samples of cotton yarns that I found when others could not.

I wanted to weave cotton baby clothes; couldn’t find the cotton yarns;, found the names of 200 yarn manufacturers listed in the Yellow Pages® in a public library on Long Island, NY; mailed over 200 form letters; got two good responses for sources of cotton yarns and decided to start my own mail order (Imagine! No internet ) business. 

Once I discovered cotton, my days of wool were over!

If I couldn’t find the beautiful cotton yarns for weaving, then neither could thousands of a new era of “Makers”—the weavers— who wanted to weave with natural fibers. 

Presto, Cotton Clouds was born!

What’s waking me up? In all these years of growing Cotton Clouds from those early days at the coffee table to our 1100 square foot, passive solar heated office/warehouse, I never stopped to think, “Why am I really doing this?” 

Moved to the desert 1980 and have been spinning cotton ever since.

So here I am after 40 years of growing this business, but what is my passion about running Cotton Clouds? 

Mission Statement

I now see that my joy in doing this business is to help women have a satisfying weaving experience to gain weaving-confidence and a life-skill of self-confidence.  There’s a lot involved in preparing the loom for weaving as well as the actual “making of cloth”.  By accomplishing the skills to make a finished product (towel, scarves, table linens, etc). That’s basically our mission statement.


I wouldn’t have opened my eyes to this until I was asked this question in a free, online “Grow Your Business” course sponsored by our local Small Business Development Center at Eastern Arizona College and Freeport-McMarron through www.dreambuilder.org.  I highly recommend this easy-to-comprehend informative course that asks all the right contemplative questions for starting or growing your business: DreamBuilder

EZ WeavingKits@ make the difference!

And then I realized that it is our new EZWeaving® kits  that provide everything our customers need to have that satisfying weaving experience. The right amount of yarns in the colors they’ll need plus step-by-step instructions, access to our Cotton Clouds Kit-of-the-Month Club Group on Facebook, and access to our in-house rigid heddle weaving expert, Jodi Ybarra.

#SuperSoftCottonTowel® Kit Club

Jodi’s just completed her third Kit-of-the-Month club: #SuperSoftCotton Dish Towels Kit-of-the-Month Club for rigid heddle weaveing.  Everyone is going to love these!  We call them #SuperSoftCotton Kitchen Towels because they are just that!  And easy to weave, even if you are just beginning.  Jodi’s made use of our new 100% cotton variegated yarn, Caterpillar to inspire her designs.

People ask me: “So what is so great about your Kit-of-the-Month club?  Why should I make that committment to join and weave for a set of two (or 4) towels every month for a year?”

The answer is that it is just that.  Making a commitment to yourself to weave and to do something for yourself, even if it’s  only for 15 minutes a day. It’s what you love to do.  It’s a time of quiet meditation.   

Know that you not only be learning new techniques througout the year with each towel kit, but you’ll get that necessary experience of warping, weaving and finishing that you will be doing over and over and over each month until you could do it in your dreams!  And maybe you do!

#Join the Club! – #FreeShipping – #Trial Offer – #Cotton Towels!

There are many other benefits to joining a Kit-of-the-Month Club.  Shipping is free (in US) on every club kit.  You are billed each month as the kit is shipped.  Our 30 Day Trial allows you to join the kit club and canel within 30 days if not completely sastisfied without cancellation or additional shipping fees. 

Our in-house rigid heddle weaving expert is Jodi Ybarra.  She designed these kits.  She knows where you might have a question so when you ask it, she is right there with an answer for you.

Jodi is availabe through our FB Kit of the Month Club group and by email or phone.

We even have the “Join the Club Challenge”.  Join the club, weave all 12 sets of towels within the year and receive $50 Cotton Clouds Gift Card bonus!

I like to think of the evolution of Cotton Clouds from a need for something I couldn’t find, to today’s launch of our newest Kit of the Month Club.  But what’s gone on in-between?

Sneak Peek Video

Here’s a sneak peek video!
It’s certainly something to get excited about! We already are!
#SuperSoftCotton® Towels Kit-of-the-Month Club!

What’cha want to know?

You might ask questions like: “What Inspired You About Cotton?”, Do you still weave or spin?

How did you first learn?  How did the kits come about?  

I’ve decide to come out from begin the computer screen and show you who I am, what my passions are and why I love cotton so much. And all the behind the scene looks at Cotton Clouds.   So keep your eye on our social media platforms , now managed by our new Social Media Marketing Intern, Emily McDonald.

And until the next blog where I’ll start answering some of those questions. 

Irene Laughing Cloud Schmoller lives down the hill from Cotton Clouds’ just off a county road, seven miles of Safford, Arizona in the Gila River Valley. Southeast Arizona’s Gila River meanders through a narrow channel of water, irrigating this land now white as snow as the cotton burst out of its bolls. 

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