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Flash Sale: 50% Off-Segue Ribbon Yarn


I love this yarn! As a matter of fact, it was love at first sight!  She came into  my life late in the game.  I wish I had found her sooner; wish I had embraced her more often;  wished I had caressed her softness and sparkle years before.

Now she is almost gone!  The Italian factory where she has been made is closing its doors and Segue will soon be no more!

But there is still hope!  When I found her recently at the TNNA (The National Needlework Association) Trade Show in San Jose, California she was almost gone but not quite.

Trendsetter Yarns still has quite a good inventory of this 100% nylon ribbon yarn in their warehouse and they said if I purchased large enough quantities of this gorgeous closeout yarn, I could have all I wanted of her in all her glorious (twenty!) colors at 50% Off!  That’s where you come in!

sweaterShe’s A Real Beauty!

So now I am sharing her beauty with you! Like any woman’s photo, it never pays justice to her shimmering beauty, her vibrant color or her possibilities!  You just have to hold her in your arms and embrace her vitality. I invite you to see her for yourself; to hold her, caress her, entice her between your needles, hook or heddles and bring her beauty to life in your own hands.

Flash Sale 50% Off

For a limited time, Segue Ribbon Yarn by Trendsetter will be on sale for 50% Off!  Because of the nature of our FLASH SALE, Segue will be sold only by the bag.  There are 5 @ 100 gram (120 yards/skein) skeins per bag.  2 stitches = 1″ on #5 needle or sett at 8 ends per inch or used as accent in weaving.


Gorgeous Colors Too!

Here are just some of the beautiful color combinations of Segue Ribbon Yarn.

Brights.jpg animal-print

Azteca.jpg calvins

flower-garden mauveberry

Mossy Oak.jpg plum-wine

peacock Pink Zebra.jpg

Tapestry.jpg Popsicle.jpg

Get Inspired!

Here are some inspirational photos of what you can do with Segue.  Her stunning, multidimensional colorways are all you need to add exciting interest to any fabric!


Woven Fabric


Knit Fabric

What A Deal!

woven-sariAt 50% Off, you just can’t afford to miss out on this super-saver yarn.  Stock up on all the colors of your heart’s desire, because once this beauty is gone, she’ll be gone forever and only a whisper of what could have been! Order now! Order with friends! Order a lot!  I guarantee you won’t be sorry!  She’s just such a beauty.  I bet you’ll love her as much as I do! Enjoy!   Irene

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Global Citizens, Global Community

How big is your creative community?


Our lives as fiber artists are woven together through a common thread of passion for color, texture, technique and purpose.

This community  is bigger than you might think! Right now, around the world, people are weaving, spinning, knitting and crocheting!

Thanks to the internet, we have more options than ever before to learn and share our different techniques, styles and cultures as we manipulate our favorite fibers. is pleased to be a common thread between you and the global community of fiber artists!

Sari Silk: Helping women earn a fair wage!

Sari Silk is a 100% recycled multi-colored silk spun from recycled “saris” that women South Asia wear. Silk sari fabric is shredded and then respun into a vibrant silk yarn.

This industry helps support the many struggling economic regions of Nepal and India and mainly benefits the women and women’s development groups there.

Whether you choose to spin your own sari silk yarn from the silk fiber, purchase the sari silk yarn, or one of our sari silk kits (click on kits above, to learn more) , you’ll be helping women around the world as well as creating a truly unique product. I love Sari Silk!

 Folk Series: Bring the world to your fingertips!

For the worldly-minded knitters, travel the world and explore the culture with the Folk Series of books from Interweave Press. The history and traditions, folk stories, and regional histories from the countries of origin are presented in each volume.

What a wonderful way to connect to these folk traditions.

You too can Weave a Real Peace: Join WARP!

WarpCollagereCornersRemember the phrase, Act Locally, Think Globally? Weaving a Real Peace (WARP) is an international networking organization based in the United States that delivers. Founded in 1992, WARP offers a forum for those interested in supporting individuals and organizations that strive to maintain long-standing textile traditions.

Their resource guide is available just by clicking here! WARP was started by Deborah Chandler who wrote Learning to Weave.

Come join me at WARP’s Annual Meeting May 29-31, 2015 in the Bay Area and feel part of the global “tribe of fiber artists”. Rocio Mena Gutierrez  (read her blog)  will be giving a presentation on the Importance of Textiles to Grassroots Economies in Guatemala.

Travel to Guatemala from the comfort of your loom!

Mayan Hands, a fair-trade organization The Natural Dye Project brought the ancient craft of dyeing cotton yarns with local plants to the women of San Rafael, Guatemala and to produce these Friendship Towels with Tintes Naturals that you can now weave!


As you weave these gorgeous naturally dyed towels, you will not only be creating a set of four all-cotton towels, but you will be giving the women of Guatemala a chance of better life and honoring the skills they have spent a lifetime learning.

Over 150 kits have been sold; the women’s annual, fair-trade income increased ten-fold from the sale of these kits. A joint community effort of dyeing instructors, towel designer, graphic artist, and Cotton Clouds marketing of this kit has all been done through volunteer work.

Join the community of  our Kit-of-the-Month Members! Kits

In the spirit of continuing the community, Cotton Clouds has created a new group on Facebook: the Cotton Clouds Kit-of-the-Month Club. If you have participated in any of our monthly Kits or Clubs, please join us!

Creating Community one post at-a-time!

This group is a place to ask questions, share your projects and be inspired by the work of others. Our kits are easy and affordable, and there is something for every fiber artist! Now is a great time to check out the variety we offer and ensure that 2015 will be your year to feel creative and accomplished!

Insta-Community on Instagram!

CCIGSay Cheese! You can now connect with us on Instagram, we’re @CottonCloudsYarns. We’d love to see what you are doing with your cotton and natural fibers: spinning, knitting, weaving, crocheting or even dyeing!

It is truly rewarding to feel connected to the thread of fiber artists all over the world whether here at home or half way across the globe.

Irene Schmoller, Cotton Clouds’ founder and owner.

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A Year of Towels – by Jodi Ybarra

Rigid Heddle Year of Towels Kit Club!

Join now!


About a year ago I had the idea of designing twelve towel projects to share with my fellow rigid heddle weavers.

I started with basic plain weave, adding simple stripes to jazz up my towels, then as the ball got rolling, or should I say the shuttles were flying, I expanded on simple plain weave with some of the many weave structures that our rigid heddle looms allow.

Weaving towels on my Schacht FLIP Rigid Heddle Loom has always been the most rewarding weaving for me, with the need for minimal finishing  and the many design possibilities.

As each towel was evolving, the next project idea was beginning to form.   I couldn’t wait to start the next project and I almost felt like I was on a production line!  My shuttles were definitely flying!


Houndstooth Plaid Towels

Another great thing about weaving towels is that they can be woven in any size depending on the width of your loom, from small-sized tea towels to generously sized kitchen towels.

There is always a need for kitchen towels.

They make great gifts too! My friends and family love receiving my hand woven towels and almost expect them for their birthday and holiday gifts.  Most of these towels are woven in our soft, super-absorbent, all-natural, unmercerized Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton.

Each kit comes with all the yarns, instructions and pattern resources you’ll need to weave two to four towels depending on kit.


Diamond Lace Towels

Much of my inspiration came from The Weaver’s Idea Book. It’s a great reference for many of the pick up techniques and designs I used in these towels. It’s a must for any rigid heddle weaver’s library!


Stained Glass Towels

When all twelve projects were complete,  I loaded them into two huge shopping bags and drove to my mom’s house for a photo shoot. 

My mom’s collection of kitchen props is amazing! I was even able to use one of my grandma’s antique cookie jars and we actually ate the pie in one of the photos for Thanksgiving!

Once we had twelve great weaving projects and twelve great photos, it was time to design the calendar for our “Year of Towels:  Rigid Heddle Weaving”.

Designing the calendar fell into place and presto,  A Year of Towels Kit-of-the-Month Club for Rigid Heddle  was born.

Order any of these kits individually or join our

Year of Towels Kit-of-the-Month Club

FREE SHIPPING all year when you join the club!

Come join the fun!  And remember I’m here to answer any of your questions whether it’s about ordering or when you start warping and weaving!

Jodi Ybarra, your fellow rigid heddle weaver at Cotton Clouds,

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Dreamin’ of Weavin’? Get Inspired!

Angela Tong’s “Mica’s Scarf”

Rigid heddle weaving has been gaining in popularity recently, and we couldn’t be more excited! The rigid-heddle loom is a great entry point into the world of weaving. These little looms are portable, relatively inexpensive, and offer you the flexibility of being able to try out a large amount of weaving projects and techniques without the investment of a larger loom.

Even if you’ve never touched a loom before, Craftsy’s Rigid Heddle Weaving class with Angela Tong will have you creating new projects in no time. Once you’ve caught the weaving bug, there’s a whole new world of projects and inspiration to explore!


To help you get started, we’re giving away a copy of Weaving Made Easy and a copy of the Slots and Holes DVD in our Ravelry group – keep reading for details!


The increase in interest in rigid-heddle weaving means that shoppers have more options than ever before when it comes to purchasing a loom. You can choose from several sizes, different features, and many other options to get the loom that best suits your projects and lifestyle.


FLIP Loom 

6px-spacer 6px-spacer


Sample It Loom

6px-spacer 6px-spacer


Cricket Loom

  • Schacht’s FLIP Loom comes with an optional stand and folds quickly for storage or transport. This loom has been specifically designed to allow for two-heddle usage for more intricate projects, and the optional FLIP Trap can attach to hold all of your tools for easy access. The FLIP is available in 15″, 20″, and 25″ widths, with reeds varying from 5-12 dpi.
  • For smaller projects, the Sample It loom from Ashford has an 8″ weaving width and weighs only 2.5 lbs. This loom is perfect for experimenting with different colors and techniques, weaving small blocks for modular projects, or creating scarves or narrow runners. It comes with a 7.5 dpi reed, but reeds from 5-12.5 dpi are also available.
  • Another smaller loom, the Schacht Cricket is available in either a 10″ or 15″ weaving width. Both Cricket looms weigh under 5 lbs, so you can still make a variety of projects without sacrificing portability. Their size and ease of use means that they’re also great for kids to use! The Cricket comes with two balls of yarn and reed sizes vary from 8-12 dpi.


Planning your color choices and picking out yarn might be one of the most exciting parts of a new project. Luckily, there’s a wealth of great yarn perfectly suited for use with a rigid heddle loom. Your pattern will suggest appropriate yarn for a project, but there are several great yarns that work in a wide range of projects and are easy to substitute. You can even double a finer yarn in both warp and weft with great results. Here are our favorites:


Pearly Perle 3/2



Aurora Earth






Cotton Fine



Cotton Classic











More and more great patterns are being released as rigid heddle weaving gains in popularity. From beginner to advanced weaver, there are plenty of options to stretch your imagination and keep you inspired.

For beginners, our Rigid Heddle Studio Special is the perfect complete package. It includes a 15″ Cricket Loom, the Slots and Holes DVD, a copy of Weaving Made Easy, and the Complete Table Setting kit. We have free shipping on this Studio Special until May 31st! You can also explore our whole collection of rigid heddle kits for even more patterns to try – each one contains the yarn and instructions you’ll need for a great project!

The Rigid Heddle Studio Special

The Rigid Heddle Studio Special

Once you’ve mastered the basics, try one of Interweave’s Best of Handwoven e-books. The Rigid Heddle Pattern Book #1 and new Rigid Heddle Pattern Book #2 will teach you how to create leno designs, borders with warp-float stripes, eyelash-pile fabrics, Bronson lace, petit-point with a supplementary weft, and more. Our Rigid Heddle Kit of the Month Club will provide you with all the yarn you need to make the projects from Pattern Book #1, and you get free shipping! For even more pattern inspiration, try Interweave’s Rigid Heddle Ultimate Collection. It includes both Best of Handwoven e-books, as well as The Weaver’s Idea Ebook and Weaving On A Rigid Heddle Loom workshop video by Jane Patrick, and Liz Gipson’s Slots and Holes DVD.


The Rigid Heddle Ultimate Collection

We truly love the rigid heddle loom, and we hope you do too! To help get you started (or expand your knowledge if you’re already weaving), we’re giving away a copy of Weaving Made Easy AND a copy of the Slots and Holes DVD in our Ravelry group. Head on over to enter – we’ll announce the winners on June 15th!

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Online Classes: Our Recommendations

Project by Craftsy user ModNeedlepoint.

Project by Craftsy user ModNeedlepoint.

Someone once told me what is supposedly an old Irish saying: “It kills the craft not to learn it.” I have no idea if the source of the proverb is accurate, but the meaning stuck with me anyway.

As people who knit, weave, spin, or are generally interested in making things by hand, we sometimes forget that what seems like just a fun hobby is in fact something much more important.

By learning to crochet, by teaching a friend how to spin, or by starting a monthly crafting group with friends, we are doing much more than just having fun while making things, we’re ensuring that the crafts we enjoy continue to thrive as their knowledge is passed between people and generations. That’s why you’ll always find us promoting classes, books, and other tools to help you keep learning and exploring.

What will you learn today?

What will you learn today?

It might seem like the decidedly lo-tech fiberarts world would have trouble fitting into the age of hi-tech gadgets, but I find quite the opposite – it’s exciting to see how interest is growing thanks to so many more digital and online resources. One of our favorite online learning outlets is Craftsy.

Many people have probably heard of Craftsy by now, but if you haven’t, it’s definitely time to check it out. Craftsy offers a wide selection of online video crafting classes – from knitting and weaving all the way to gardening and cake decorating – from the best instructors from around the world.

Once you sign up for a class you can watch the lessons at your own pace, from anywhere with an internet connection, as many times as you want. I love this level of accessibility – no matter where you live or how far you are from a local yarn shop, you can still take great classes from quality instructors. And you can take them in the middle of the night while wearing pajamas if you want to! You can become a Craftsy member to browse the course offerings, try out one of their free lessons, or just stay up-to-date on new classes and sale offerings.

Here’s a quick preview of some things Craftsy students have made recently:

From left to right: Craftsy user Nancy Merchant's scarf from the Knit Lab: Fit Your Knits class, Craftsy user Janet Dawson's woven pillow from the Floor Loom Weaving class, and Craftsy user knitwit41's handspun yarn from the Spinning Dyed Fibers class.

From left to right: Craftsy user Athena K’s scarf from the Explorations in Brioche Knitting class, Craftsy user jollyjeanne’s woven pillow from the Floor Loom Weaving class, and Craftsy user knitwit41’s handspun yarn from the Spinning Dyed Fibers class.

Though knitting and crochet are always popular favorites, we especially love how many weaving classes are offered on Craftsy. The rigid-heddle loom has done amazing things for the popularity and accessibility of weaving over the past few years, and Craftsy is hip to the trend. If you’ve ever thought about learning to weave, the Rigid Heddle Weaving class with Angela Tong class is a perfect primer for these awesome little looms.

Click for a video preview of Rigid Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics

Expand your rigid heddle knowledge with Deborah Jarchow’s Beyond the Basics class.

For those already using a rigid-heddle loom, we recommend the Rigid Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics class taught by Deborah Jarchow. It’s a great source of inspiration and intermediate techniques to take you far beyond basic plain weave. Throughout the nine video lessons in Deborah’s class you’ll learn:

  • Weaving techniques including color and weave, leno, Brooks bouquet, warp pick-up and weft pick-up
  • Selvage management for a clean edge
  • Finishing methods, including how to remove fabric from the loom, fringed and knotted trims and blocking
  • How to add knitted and crocheted trims
  • Design considerations

Best of all? The Rigid Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics class is currently on sale for just $29.99! To get more class info, watch a preview video, and sign up, click here.

If you’re looking for even more project inspiration, check out the rigid-heddle kits available on our website – all the yarn you need for some of our favorite patterns pre-measured in a beautiful selection of colors!

However and wherever you find it, we hope you never stop seeking out inspiration and education for your favorite hobbies, and sharing what you know with the next future knitter, weaver, or spinner! And as always, we love to see what you make and would welcome your finished project photos in the show and tell thread in our Ravelry group!

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Waffle Weave Towels on my Rigid Heddle Loom

I love weaving on my Rigid Heddle Loom and I love making towels!

Stripes, plaid, checkered and now waffle weave!

You can’t imagine how excited I was when I realized that waffle weave can be achieved on a 2 shaft loom, using plain weave and just one pick-up stick.

Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton is the basic yarn used in these towels.  Two strands are held together to warp 400 ends in a 10 dent reed.

I used for the warp Aurora Earth Solid  and Aurora Earth Variegated for the weft.

It was amazing to see the textured squares form with an easy pick up stick sequence. Here is the method I used for these towels:

1. Heddle down

2. Heddle up with pick up stick brought forward

3. Heddle down

4. Heddle up

5. Heddle in neutral position, pick up stick brought forward and turned on edge.

6. Heddle up

I know that I will be using this technique on more that just towels!

Get your Rigid Heddle Waffle Weave Towel Kit now!

Or if you have a 4 Shaft Loom you may want to check out our Waffle Weave Towel Kit from Design Collection 18.  (Design Collection 18 is available from Interweave Press in a Download Version)

This Waffle Weave design is also used in the Waffle Weave Runner/Placemats featured in Handwoven May/June 2010.

Thank you for weaving 2 shaft projects with me!

Your fellow Rigid Heddle Weaver,  Jodi Ybarra

Coming Soon: Rigid Heddle Waffle Weave Runner with our new yarn Remix and Recycled Cotton.

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Weaving Leno on a Rigid Heddle Loom

I just finished weaving the Leno Wall Hanging  featured in

Cotton Clouds’ Rigid Heddle Kit-of-the-Month Club!  

I’d love to share my Leno weaving experience with you!

I really enjoyed working with  the Linen7  used in this project.  Linen 7 has the perfect amount of body & stiffness needed to maintain the  openwork designs.  This soft, supple, natural yarn felt as if I were holding a fiber that was carressing my skin!

This project calls for ten different leno techniques. It’s a wonderful sampler to learn leno whether on your rigid heddle or any 2 or more shaft loom!

The leno designs ranged from very easy to very challenging.

I found this 7 minute instructional YouTube Video very helpful in learning how to master leno on my rigid heddle loom.

While you can stick to the the leno techniques called for in the pattern, there’s no one keeping you from “doing your own thing”  and finding other leno techniques you might like better. As a matter of fact, the instructions encourage you to do so!

Once again I found comfort referring back to The Weaver’s Idea Book  for help with leno techniques.

Jane Patrick gave me even more ideas that I added to my weaving.

I used this technique from page 65 of  The Weaver’s Idea Book shown below:

So, don’t be intimidated, just have fun weaving leno and once you do, you will feel confident with leno patterning too!

I loved this Leno Sampler so much that I decided to use it on my SouthWestern motif dining table instead of hanging it on the wall.  That way I could spend hours admiring my work with a huge sense of accomplishment that I mastered leno weaving on my rigid heddle loom!

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