Weave Love, Give Love!

Love – still the best gift to give!

When it comes down to it, all any of us really want is LOVE! LOVE is free for us to give — with all our hearts and soul! So why not weave a bunch of it into these luscious all-cotton towels and gift to those special people in your life!

Love of My Heart™ Kitchen Towels Hot Checks & Cool Stripes

We’ve made it easy!

Jodi Ybarra, our in-house rigid heddle designer has lovingly created our newest collection of Love Of My Heart™ Kitchen Towels for you to do just that! Jodi says these towels are so fun to weave. Although their designs look complicated, they are quick and easy and a set of two towels can easily be completed in a weekend, or with just 30 minutes/day in less than a week.

Quality Yarns!

LOVE and quality go hand-in-hand. You’re going to love working with our quality 100% unmercerized Aurora Earth 8/2 and Cotton Tail 8/4 cotton yarns. They are strong and durable and work up beautifully in both warp and weft. Washed properly they are colorfast and mature beautifully with use. You’ll LOVE the feel of the fabric they create.

Easy enough for beginners!

Whether you are new to rigid heddle weaving or have been loving it for years, you’ll find that Jodi’s step-by-step instructions for warping, weaving and finishing along with helpful hints and tips will take the guesswork out of weaving your set of colorful towels.


Our goal is to help make your weaving a success. Jodi Ybarra is here to help you every step of the way! She is available to answer any of your questions through her email, jodi@cottonclouds.com. Be sure to include a daytime phone so if it’s a question that needs answering in person, she can call you!

Easy Weaving on Cricket 15″ Loom!

What we love most about these Love of My Heart™ Kitchen Towels is that they can easily be woven on any 15″ rigid heddle loom, the Schacht Cricket loom in particular.

Now available to weave on any 15″ rigid heddle loom

Helpful Hints & Tips

Check out her many Hints & Tips videos on Cotton Clouds’ Youtube Channel . She’ll show you everything from how to read the Warp Color OrderChart to maintaining perfect tension, tips on color changing, creating a pick-up technique, to finishing and hemming your towels. Although these videos were made for our very popular rigid heddle kit-club, SuperSoftCotton™ Towels, you can easily apply the hints and tips to these towels. A possible short video on these Love of My Heart™ Kitchen Towels might be coming soon!

We’ve added some extra LOVE!

Included in each Love of My Heart™ Kitchen Towel kit is a special Gifting Card along with Laundering Care Instructions and a sample packet of our new plant based liquid soap, SOAK! Everything needed to wash with confidence! Love is thinking ahead.

Hot Checks

We love the deep, rich colors of the Hot Checks Kitchen Towels with just a pop of white. They’re woven using all Cotton Tail 8/4, which makes them super-easy to warp and weave with just one single yarn end in each hole and slot. The color changes that create this check design are easy to accomplish and your weaving will go quick and easy. These are so thick and yummy! We love them!

Cool Stripes

Jodi says she had so much fun weaving up the Cool Stripes Kitchen Towels with her easy textured pick-up technique that gives these towels super-absorbency! An easy-to-follow Warp Color sequence of Aurora Earth 8/2 in six loving colors add eye-moving interest . A single strand of white Cotton Tail 8/4 keeps the action going as you quickly weave up these towels. Jodi’s favorite!

Love of My Heart™Kitchen Towels – Cool Stripes

Can you weave these on my 4-shaft loom?

Yes, of course since a rigid heddle loom is basically a 2-shaft loom, you can weave these on your 4-shaft loom. We have NOT re-written the instructions for a 4-shaft so you will need to make your own adjustments to the directions. See more information about ordering for your 4-shaft loom, click HERE.

Valentine Giving!

Order now and get these towels on and off your loom in a hurry just in time for Valentine’s Day giving! While it certainly is going to be a different kind of Valentine giving, one thing is known for sure–giving your LOVE, woven into these towels is sure to be one of the best gifts you can give and one everyone will love to receive! LOVE is all there is and it’s yours to give.

Imagine yourself weaving all your love into these sanguine towels and gifting to someone you love!

Free Shipping Sale

Order Now and save on shipping. Free Shipping to US addresses. Sale ends February 14, 2021! Use CODE FreeShipLove at checkout!

Come Join Us!

Jodi and I would love to have you join us as we celebrate LOVE by weaving it into these lovingly designed Love of My Heart™ Kitchen Towels. We’re having a kind of Weave-Along on our Cotton Clouds Kit-of-the-Month Club Facebook Group. Come join us and tell us about your LOVE!

Love Matters

Read my blog. It’s a good motivator to get your Love Making/Giving Mojo On!!!

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We’ve just updated our Pinterest account with lots of beautiful new pins. Come join us!

Love, Irene & Jodi

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