Hawaiian Ice Towels — Warping Your Loom

Click HERE to watch my newest Warping Your Loom video

I knew that weaving was going to be my passion from the very first time I warped my loom but I never imagined that I would be designing projects for my fellow rigid heddle weavers through Cotton Clouds! I absolutely love weaving and am so happy to be sharing my experiences with you all!

Hawaiian Ice Towels

I hope everyone is enjoying the weaving kits from our SuperSoftCotton® Towel Kit Club! This month we are working on the Hawaiian Ice Towels. I love how the crisp white of the Cottontail 8/4 cotton brings out the bright colors in the Caterpillar Variegated Cotton Paua colorway.

Watch My Newest Warping Your Loom Video

Here are some of my favorite tips and hints this month for warping your Hawaiian Ice Towels on your rigid heddle loom. I cover everything from dealing with knots in the warp, to following the Warp Color Order to winding the yarn onto the back beam keeping an even tension with inserted paper and a little tugging of the warp. You can watch this video by clicking HERE.

Direct Warping on a Rigid Heddle Loom

There are a few different ways to warp a loom. Some prefer to use a warping board or indirect method. When it comes to warping my rigid heddle loom, I pick the direct warping method every time. It’s easy and gets the job done lickety-split!

The direct method is perfect for the Hawaiian Ice Towel kit project because you will be warping simple stripes. Each slot will automatically have two threads when the yarn is pulled through. The numbers in the warp order chart represent thread counts with two threads per slot.

Here is an example of the warp order chart from the Hawaiian Ice Towel project. The threads are doubled in each slot. The first ten slots will be warped with Cotton Tail 8/4 white. Then continue across, warping two threads in each slot. The Warp Color Order Chart is included with your kit instructions and this is clearly demonstrated in this Youtube Video Tutorial .

example of warp color order. Note 17 repeats in center of towel

What You Need to Warp Your Loom

There are only a few accessories needed to warp your loom.

  • 24″ (or wider) Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Warping Peg
  • Threading Hook
  • Loom Stand (optional but makes weaving so much more comfortable)

New! 15″ (Cricket Loom) Patterns

I’ve written the SuperSoftCotton® Towel patterns to accommodate the 15″ (Cricket Loom) . Click HERE to learn more and join! You’ll love weaving these soft and sturdy towels on your Cricket loom!

I’m here for you!

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New to Rigid Heddle Weaving?

Curious about weaving but don’t know where to start? Want to weave these gorgeous all-cotton towels but need the loom and how-to instructions to get started? We’ve put everything you’ll need together so that you can get started weaving on a rigid heddle loom now! With practice you’ll see just how easy it is to create beautiful and practical kitchen towels for yourself and to give to friends and family. They make great housewarming, bridal shower, birthday, anniversary and just because gifts to give. And don’t forget about yourself!

Learn to Weave Studio SPECIAL

Everything you need to start weaving now! Order HERE

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Come join me as we weave-along in this SuperSoftCotton® Towel weaving adventure! It’s so much fun!

Jodi Ybarra

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