Why Love Matters

Love, Actually

The movie. I watch it every Christmas season (sometimes twice).



all there is,

is love.

So all there is, is Love!

I love the ending when Hugh Grant’s voice over points out that the phone messages from passengers on flights that day were ones of love, not hate.

From intangable to tangible

No one can define love to us. Each is as individual as is the soul. Love is the voice of the soul. It lives when it is released from within and is proclaimed in song, poetry, laughter, gifts. We have the urge to somehow share that voice with someone we love so that we can transform the intangible into a tangible gift of our love.

The Maker

As a Maker you are able to imbibe your love into the fabric of your craft. You feel warm and cozy of heart as your hands create magic right in front of you. LOVE can do that to you. That’s why we make things. We love to put the love of our hearts into gifts we can share with a special someone you love.

Love of My Heart™ Kitchen Towels

Our in-house designer, Jodi Ybarra created this kit so that it would be easy to get them on the loom and woven int plenty of time to give to someone you love. She wishes you to weave your love into the fabric of the cloth as a gift of LOVE!

It matters to give it and to receive it.

So how are you going to give it this holiday season? Any thoughts yet? Here are some ideas that might just get your holiday weaving mojo on!!!!

We make weaving easy!

Why fuss and mess with the internet trying to figure out what yarns, what patterns, how much, what colors and on and on! Our weaving yarn kits make it so easy to just order the kit, receive it within a week and get your loom warped and weaving.

Time to get that sweet loom of yours, whether a small Cricket 10″ or 15″ Rigid Heddle loom or 4-shaft and get this lady purring!

We Love to help you!

Let us know how. Visit www.cottonclouds.com

Weave Your Love, Give Your Love!

Irene & Jodi

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