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Being Merry and Bright and Balanced


Can you believe it? It’s that time of year: decorations, presents, food and festivities are taking over! Whether you brighten the darkness of winter with lights on a Christmas tree or candles on a Menorah, the team at Cotton Clouds would like to share a few things that have made us smile with the hope that they bring you a smile and keep your spirit merry and bright!

A Better Wish List


Have you spotted this wish list on Facebook or Pinterest? If all holiday to-do lists looked like this, the world would be a better place!

Cotton Clouds Pin to Win Winners

Pin to Win WinnersOur first Pin to Win event was a great success! A reminder to the winners to please get in touch to confirm your email address by December 21, 2014! We love Pinterest as a way to share what you love with others and we have found wonderful inspiration ourselves in taking the time to explore your wishlists. Check out these Pinterest Wish Lists of the winners of our contest:

Keep on Crafting


We do hope that you make time to indulge in your favorite crafting activity!

  • Keep it enjoyable with your favorite mug of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate!
  • Remember to stop and stretch! You wouldn’t want to bring on a craft-related injury!
  • Make your supply list and check it twice. has all the tools of the trades!

Balance with Feng Shui


December can be a tricky time of year as there is so much to balance. Have you considered Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of environmental and interior design? The tips we are sharing here are quite easy to try during the holidays – Thank You! to Sandy Sue of!

Gift Certificate Special

Holiday-christmas-gift-presSometimes the best gift is the gift you select yourself! Now through December 15, 2014, any $100 (or larger) gift certificate ordered will get FREE SHIPPING when they are redeemed. Click here to order the perfect gift for everyone you love…that’s you too! 

Looking Ahead to 2015


Pretty soon we will be flipping the calendar to 2015. Cotton Clouds is planning a few fun activities to welcome in the new year! Stay tuned to our Facebook page and make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter for all the details!

May you have the Happiest of Holidays this season and a Happy New Year from Cotton Clouds!











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‘Tis the Season

A Cornucopia of Great Ideas from

Baby turkey hat Halloween just finished and with Thanksgiving only three weeks away decorating season is in full swing! Here at Cotton Clouds we’d like to help you stuff as much fun as you can into this holiday season. We have free patterns, sales a-plenty, and a great giveaway with lots of prizes – read all about the Cotton Clouds Pin It to Win contest below!

Gobble Up These Savings!

 Yarn Sale Kit Sale graphic

Mix and match colors of any of Cotton Clouds’ Cone Yarns on orders of $200 or more and receive free shipping as part of our Yarn Sale! Mini cones are now included in this sale. Until December 1, 2014 when you purchase any time-saving kit offered through, as part of a $35 order or more, you can also receive free shipping! We have kits for your craft of choice: weaving, knitting and crochet, and this is a great way to get your project supplies ready to go.

Cotton is Your Go-To for Tablesettings

Cornucopia Placemats

Cornucopia Placemats

Cotton Boll Centerpiece

Cotton Bolls and Greenery

Christmas Overshot Runner

Christmas Overshot Runner

The easy care of cotton products makes it a great choice for napkins, placemats and runners on your table. Try these fabulous ideas for a complete cotton tablescape:

Pin It and Win!


Cotton Clouds is hosting a Pin It to Win contest. Create your own Christmas Wish List board and pin away! Use your board to shop for yourself, for gift ideas or to let your Santa know what you want! Check back daily for new pins to add to your board! Earn a bonus entry for every Facebook friend you invite to enter. On December 4, 2014, 5 lucky pinners will win gift certificates – a nice prize to help you shop this holiday season, for others or yourself!

Carve Out Time To Craft


We understand this is a busy time of year between holiday preparations, cooking your favorite family recipes, and traveling to visit relatives. When you are able to carve out time for your favorite craft, pick a quick project for the near-instant gratification! We’ve recently added two Pinterest boards devoted to these quick projects: Hats and Ornaments.

Cotton Clouds Gift Certificates

A Cotton Clouds Gift Certificate allows you to give a loved one (and even yourself) the choice of quality yarns, fibers, kits, club membership, spinning wheels, weaving looms, books, DVD’s and more!

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Halloween Fun with Cotton Clouds

Let’s Have Some Halloween Fun!


Are you ready to fill your Fall with fun? Cotton Clouds prefers the sweet and silly to spooky and scary, so check out our round-up of ideas to cover your crafty needs this month!

Cotton Up to Halloween Costumes!


Right now Pinterest is full of wonderful Halloween Costume ideas. Of course we pinned several to our Halloween Fun board! What better costume for any cotton fan? We get such a giggle each time we look at the adorable “Cotton Boll Kid” as we have come to refer to her, and how wonderful are the cotton ball wigs?

Festive Cotton Decorations!

Time to get festive! Sure pumpkins and candy corns may dominate the color palette, but don’t be afraid to branch out and make use of the other seasonal colors! Why not include cotton bolls in your tablescape? They provide a lovely neutral – aren’t they pretty in these images?

Fall decorations

Spin Up a Scary Yardage!

We’re so proud of Team Cotton Clouds Cottontails as they spin as much as they can during Spinzilla! These fibers and deals are treats for your spinning experience – no tricks!


Quick & Easy Knit or Crochet Projects!

knitcollageOur go-to yarn choice for each of these quick knit or crochet projects would be Tahki Cotton Classic! Shown above are:


Free Shipping: Special Treat in our Newsletter!

Newsletter sign up

Click HERE to subscribe to our e-newsletter with sales, specials, what’s new, hints & tips, free patterns & more!

Happy Halloween!

Here’s to a Safe & Happy Halloween with lots of treats! Feel free to let us know how your spinning & weaving is going – share a link to your project or post a picture to our Facebook page!

Irene & Jodi

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True Friendship Across Borders

Knowing what’s right!

Sometimes in life you just know that you must put all your heart and soul into something even when there will be no financial gain.

Women of SR, Guat

THE NATURAL DYE PROJECT with The Women of San Rafael, Guatemala

When I first heard of The Natural Dye Project sponsored by Mayan Hands of Guatemala I knew I had to be a part of it.  My weaving community has helped sustain Cotton Clouds these past 35 years.  Now it was time for me to give something back.
Cochineal dyer 2

The Natural Dye Project taught dyeing techniques to the women of San Rafael

An Idea Is Born

   Deborah Chandler (author, Learning to Weave) contacted me in 2013 to see if I would help market a naturally dyed cotton towel kit that would be produced by a small group of women living in the mountains of San Rafael, Guatemala. I said yes, and along with a fantastic all-volunteer crew of natural dye experts, a fabulous weaving designer, graphic artists, and copy editors we have produced a beautiful Friendship Towel with Tintes Naturales kit for you to weave and to give as gifts and to yourself.

The Natural Dye Project

   Since early  2013, natural-dye pros Catharine Ellis and Donna Brown (and later Diane de Souza andRocío Mena) have donated their time and expertise in San Rafael teaching the women every step of dyeing cotton yarns with Tintes Naturales. In the beginning the idea was to use local dye plants but with no local dyers left to show the women how to extract the dyes or how to maintain consistent colors, the group has shifted to using commercially available powdered dyestuffs that produce consistent results.
    Rocío has spent the past two months living with the women and guiding them through the process of dyeing, winding and packaging the yarns to produce over 150  Friendship Towel kits The first batch of 30 kits sold out in two days!
Tintes Naturales dyer

The Natural Dye Project in action

More Than A Living Wage

   The women received approximately $450 EACH for the two+ months of work they did. Usually they earn about $45 in six weeks, so $90 in an equivalent amount of time — IF there is work. Right now there is hardly any work for them, so this is not just 5 – 10 times what they usually get, for now it is nearly all they are getting.
   One woman used the money to add electricity to her new home; many have set it aside for their children’s education as well as to purchase corn, their staple food source, since they are unable to grow their own this year with the severe drought in their area.
TN Family Composite

From left, Berta’s family, Abelina’s daughter Mishel, Rocío with Abelina’s family

Rocío Mena Our Angel

   Deborah Chandler writes, “I can say, with no reservations and total gratitude, that this would not have been possible if Rocío had not been there. She has provided everything that the women needed: information, nudging, inspiration, dedication, fun, and a will to push hard when everyone was tired. They all believe the women can now successfully continue, so let’s hope, and WORK, to sell those 117 Friendship Towel kits so we can order more. The women are geared up to do another 50 and I am sorry that I need to tell them not yet. But they are ready and eager so I hope the Christmas season benefits them like it does most other sales.
Rocio and Abelina frame

Abelina and Rocío learning how to weave on her new backstrap loom the women gave her as a going away gift.

 Yes, a HUGE Success!

   That’s it — a HUGE success so far. Now we just need to keep it going.
Women with HW

The five remaining women of the Natural Dye Project with Rocío Mena holding the September/October 2014 issue of Handwoven magazine, featuring the Friendship Towel kit with Tintes Naturales.  From left: Gilberta, Elvira, Berta, Rocio, Fulgencia, Abelina


How you can support this project.

The women of San Rafael are so very proud of their accomplishments of dyeing these all-cotton yarns  and packaging them into the Friendly Towel kit with Tintes Naturales and want to share it with you!  Purchase one or two or more kits (each kit makes four towels on any 4-shaft loom) and give and give and give to friends, family, fund raisers, and more!  And don’t forget yourself.
 Each time your hand picks up a Friendship Towel, you’ll be reminded that your hands have reached across the border and touched so many lives in such a huge way!
Women in frame

Order your Friendship Towel with Tintes Naturales kit by Clicking HERE!                    Limited Supply! Order Now!

The Natural Dye Project Team

5 women of natural dye project frame

The five remaining women of the Natural Dye Project and producers of the Friendship Towel with Tintes Naturales kit

Follow Rocío’s Journey in San Rafael

TN Friendship Blog

Click HERE to read Rocio’s blog; two months working hand in hand with the women of San Rafael, Guatemala.

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Easy Gifting: Cotton Clouds Towel Clubs

What’s the perfect way to stay motivated in your weaving all year long while making a great group of projects? A weaving club! Cotton Clouds offers many 6 and 12 month clubs for weavers of all skill levels. Check out these great club options for every weaver’s favorite project: towels.

Towels are a perennial favorite among weavers, and for good reason. With such a simple shape and relatively small size, there are endless ways to experiment! Cotton Clouds Kit of the Month clubs are a great way to try your hand at a lot of projects while reaping plenty of handy benefits:

  • You’ll save time because shipments arrived regularly and include everything you need to get started right away.
  • You’ll stay motivated with a steady delivery of inspiring projects – join any club for 6 months to receive a kit every other month, or choose the 12-month option for a new project each month.
  • And you’ll save money with free shipping and never having to purchase more yarn than you need.

Drop a hint to Santa that a membership in one of our towel clubs is the perfect thing to leave under the tree. Also, for a limited time, the first 25 members in each 12-month club will get our exclusive 2014 Year of Towels calendar!

NEW! Year of Towels Rigid-Heddle Club

Discover and delight in these projects to weave using any two-shaft loom. Weave structures include plain weave, waffle weave, houndstooth plaid, log cabin and pick up stick technique. Click here to learn more.


Projects from the Year or Towels Rigid-Heddle Club

Treasury of Towels Club

Choose from 6 or 12 projects that are perfect for kitchen, sauna, or bath. Click below to watch a video tour of all the great projects in this club. Click Here to watch Treasury of Towels video.

Click here to learn more.

Winning Towels Kit of the Month Club


Designing With Color towels

These designs from Handwoven’s 21st Century Towel Contest are perfect for four shafts and will keep you weaving all year long. Choose the basic club to receive enough materials to make 2-3 of each towel, or the deluxe club if you’d like to make 4-6 towels from each kit. A personal favorite from this club are the Designing With Color waffle weave kitchen towels. This is the perfect project for anyone who wants to experiment with color. You will receive four colors to work with; one color for the border and three colors for the waffle weave squares. Click here to learn more.

NEW! Eight-Shaft Towel Club

Not all towels in this club require eight shafts; some use five or six. All, however, show the advantages in design and use of weave structure provided by more than four shafts. Weave towels in M’s and O’s, in variations of lace, undulating twill, and more! Click here to learn more.

Projects from the asdsad

Projects from the 8-Shaft Towel Club

Top 10 Towels Club

Discover and delight in these projects from our newest Best of Handwoven: Top 10 Towels on 4-shafts e-book from Interweave Press. Each of these towel projects (except one which can be adjusted) can be woven on your 18″-20″ four-shaft loom. Click here to learn more.

Projects from the Top 10 Towels Club

Projects from the Top 10 Towels Club

Enjoy one of these clubs and keep yourself weaving all through the year! Or, if the Santa in your family isn’t quite sure which club to choose, there are always gift certificates, which you can spend on joining the club of your choice.

Happy holidays – here’s to a warm and handwoven 2014!

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Great Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List!

Can you believe there are only 5 days until Christmas!

If there are crafty people on your list, sometimes it can be hard to know what to get them. Don’t stress, we’ve got suggestions for great gifts that the fiber-lovers in your life will be happy to receive.

Our Five Tips to Relieve Pre-Season Stress will help you get through the holidays healthier and happier!


  • Cricket Loom Studio Special: Schacht’s rigid-heddle loom has been making waves recently, and will be featured in the December issue of Martha Stewart Magazine. The Studio Special includes everything needed to learn how to use this great loom: a 10″ or 15″ Cricket loom, The Weaver’s Idea Book, Weaving on a Rigid Heddle DVD, and the Bambu 7 Summer Scarf kit.
  • Anything But Plain Towel Kit: Once you’ve got the basics of the Cricket down, try your hand at the weaver’s perennial favorite project – towels! Each kit comes with enough of our best selling Aurora Earth yarn to make four 16″ x 24″ towels.
  • Yummy BonBons Scarf Kit: Fancy Schmantzy’s scarf kit is woven from a combo of yarns in fiesta colors with plenty of shimmer and sparkle. It’s perfect for weaving on a Cricket loom and is a bold accent to any wardrobe.

Gifts for the novice weaver, from left: Items in the Cricket Loom Studio Special, Anything But Plain Towel Kit, Yummy BonBons Scarf Kit.


For the sustainably-minded on your list, we love Pakucho Organic Cotton. Not only are these yarns organic and available in 12 naturally-colored shades, but the cotton is also grown and produced on a local cooperative in Peru where all employees make a fair income. Try one of these ideas in Pakucho for a gift that’s gorgeous and green!

Pakucho caption

Great ways to give Pakucho organic cotton, clockwise from top left: Crochet Bath Collection kits, Pakucho Shawl/Throw, or gift as yarn (available in Sport, Worsted, and on cones.)


Shawls and scarves are a wardrobe staple for many weavers – you can never have enough! Our kits for these favorite accessories provide just the right amount of yarn in gorgeous color combos so there’s no waste and no need to buy more yarn than you need.


Shawl and scarf kits we love, clockwise from left: Serenity Shawl, Two-Tone Lace Shawl, Color Horoscope Scarf.


  • Lo-Lo Body Bar: Lo-Lo Bars from Bar-Maids are for people who wish to proactively protect, defend, and restore their skin to baby bottom softness. They’re made with the finest local ingredients available, creating non-greasy, non-sticky, non-flaky combinations that penetrate multiple layers of skin to soften and nourish.
  • Potholder Loom with Cotton Loops: There’s probably someone you know who made potholders on a loom like this when they were a child. It’s one of those wonderful old-fashioned inventions that’s still popular and useful today. Making potholder is also a great activity to do with kids!
  • Cross-Stitch Pillow & Greeting Card: This kit is perfect for the person on your list who loves both weaving and needlepoint. This quick and easy cross-stitch design is done right on the loom while the fabric is under tension for beautiful results!

Gifts under $25, clockwise from top-left: Lo-Lo Bar, Cross-Stitch Pillow and Greeting Card Kit, Potholder Loom.

For lots more gifting inspiration, check out our Pinterest account! There are more ideas for gifts under $25, Pakucho organic cotton, gorgeous shawl kits, and more! Plus our newest Pinterest Gifts Under $50 will help you choose the perfect gift for someone special!

And if you’re shopping for someone picky or are down to the wire and still haven’t found just the right gift, try a Cotton Clouds gift certificate! Available in any amount over $25, a gift certificate allows the recipient to choose from any of our quality yarns, fibers, kits, club memberships, spinning wheels, weaving looms, books, DVDs and more! Plus, it’s easy to order – we can email or mail the gift certificate to you or directly to recipient.

Wishing you happy hand-made holidays!

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