Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl

Harmony “Peace of My Heart™” Prayer Shawl

Come Join Us!

Sarah Jackson and I have been collaborating on this Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl since March 2020! Now it has come to life and we are so excited to share it with you!

We have designed a prayer shawl whose fabric is not only gossamer-fine with a beautiful drape, but one that will instill harmony and serenity as it is woven. A prayer shawl that is a prayer in the weaving, in the giving, in the receiving and in the prayers that are woven into it. It is a Slow Cloth Meditation . Come join us! Everyone invited whether weaving or not!

Save the date! August 17, 2020

Weave-Along starts August 17 and is live on Facebook until September 25, 2020.

Order Now!

Don’t wait! We will be producing just 100 Yarn Packs (in each color) for this Weave-Along, so order yours today. ORDER NOW!

Harmony Peace of My Heart™Prayer Shawl

Join Weave-Along Group Now!

It’s free! Come JOIN Sarah Jackson’s Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl Weave-Along Facebook group. This will be like no other Weave-Alongs. Not only will Sarah be available each day during the first four weeks of the live Weave-Along for any technical assistance, but she will be sharing uplifting music, poems, prayers and more. During this Weave-Along, you will be encouraged to post your prayers and poems, hopes and dreams you intend to weave into the fabric of this exquisite Peace of of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl. Open to all in our fiber arts community and those who don’t weave much or never have. We welcome everyone to join us in this Weaving Community Event!!!

Peace of My Heart Yarn Pack

We’ve packaged just the right amount of Bambu 12 yarns (plus some) you’ll need to weave this 17″ x 76″ shadow weave Prayer Shawl on a 22” wide 4-shaft loom.   Choose Serenity in Cream & Honey Bambu 12 or Harmony in Indigo & Lime. Bambu 12 is our top-quality, earth-friendly, sustainably-grown bamboo rayon fiber that gives a wonderful hand to this beautifully woven fabric. To receive your “Peace of My Heart™ Yarn Pack ORDER HERE.

Beautiful Gift Tag

We’ve added a thoughtful gift tag (shown with yarns) to use when gifting this special handwoven shawl.  Included are two sample packs of our new, plant-based SOAK laundry liquid designed for delicate fabrics. Laundering care instructions are on the back. Use one SOAK to prewash before gifting and the other to include with the gift card. There’s even a spot to add a personal note of love.

Can You Do It?

Harmony Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl – 4-shaft shadow weave

Weave it, I mean. This is not a complicated pattern. It just requires concentration to wind a warp at 30 EPI in 660 heddles. This is exactly why Sarah and I choose the yarn and pattern. The concentration it requires will keep you focused with a goal of finishing the something meaningful to you and the receiver. Actually, if you follow Sarah’s schedule (on FB group) you could finish weaving this fabric in the four weeks of the Weave-Along! You’ll love the feeling of this ultra-fine and luxurious fabric against your skin and be satisfied that you took the time to weave it.

Come join us! Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl Weave-Along with Sarah Jackson

“Hope survives when we keep those dreams alive. As they are spoken, so they are woven into the fabric of this beautiful prayer shawl.”

Irene Schmoller

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