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What Makes Your Heart Happy?


What Makes Your Heart Happy?

During February we’ve been talking a lot about doing things to keep your heart healthy, and we shouldn’t forget that an important part of heart health is doing what you love! This commercial for Equador, with the stunning photography and wonderful Beatles tune, certainly made our heart soar when we saw it! It’s a beautiful world out there, we should get out and enjoy it!


 Our Ravelry Group Responds

Happy Heart CollageWe posed the question, “What Makes Your Heart Happy?”, to our Ravelry group and had a wonderful variety of answers that we expected, and some we didn’t. Weavers, spinners, knitters and crocheters all responded, where you one of them? Feel free to join us! Here are a few of the responses that really struck us:

  •  …when that idea becomes a project just the way you imagined it.
  • Right now my livestock makes me happy… baby ducks next week, and baby goats not too long after that!
  • When my husband helps me warp my looms.
  • Those breath-taking moments in nature like watching a raptor soar on a thermal make my heart sing.
  • Color in the winter!

Crafting a Happy Heart

A fabulous way to brighten up the drab winter days is to bring the color RED into your next project! Red is eye-catching, energizing, and is the color of energy, passion and action! Creating and giving are two of the most important parts to keep your heart happy.

Cotton Clouds will donate 10% of all Stitch Red kit sales (through March 1, 2015) to Heart Truth, an organization that promotes women’s heart health. Join us, and together we can save lives … it could be your own!

 A Chuckle A Day…

Everyone likes a good laugh, but in all seriousness, more women die of cardiovascular disease than all forms of cancer combined! Too many of us have family members dealing with heart issues. Take good care of your heart! Give your heart lots of love, with laughter and smiles, exercise and a healthy diet!

Need a New Plan for Your Healthy Heart?

NIHheart2If you need another little boost to help you get started, check out the #4MyHeart campaign from the Heart Truth! They have a 4-week action plan that will educate you, inspire better eating, lower your heart disease risk, and take the next steps to put you in control of your healthy heart!

Cheers to Happy Hearts, Living Creatively, and Following Your Heart’s Desire!

– Irene & Jodi



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My Red, Red Heart

“One out of every four women will die of heart disease” 

Cotton Clouds is sponsoring Stitch Red to raise awareness about the dangers of Heart Disease in women.  We’ll donate 10% of sales through March 1, 2015  to The Heart Truth  on all Cotton Clouds’  exclusively designed Stitch Red kits.

“Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of American Women”

There are early warning symptoms and ways to prevent this disease from devastating our lives.  Click Here to download “The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women” and Click Here to watch the video “Heart Attack Warning Signs”.  For the story to really hit home , Click Here to view the  video “Just a Little Heart Attack”, by Emmy Award Winning actress Elizabeth Banks, dramatizing our lives as women to to hilt.  Don’t wait till it’s too late. Please do it now!

Cotton Clouds’ Stitch Red Exculsively Designed Kits

Our Stitch Red kits are quick and easy to knit, weave, crochet or spin .

Remember that National Wear Red Day is on February 6 . It’s a great way to show your suport for women’s heart health issues.  Let’s all dazzle them in red!

Stitch Red Chenille Scarf Kit

We asked our weaving designer, Robin Lynde from Meridian Jacobs to design us a soft and luscious chenille scarf kit that would really say red, the color associated with warmth, power and passion. Here are her notes on how she designed this scarf.

Lots of Red Rayon Chenille yarns

    1. I love having a good supply of reds on hand.  Scarlatto, Show Off Red, Scarlet all have subtle color differences. Although I used only Scarlatto in this chenille scarf I also sometimes like to blend them all in one warp. Gypsy Chenille Mini Cones are a great way to get small amounts of a variety of colors. 

      Easy warping multi-colored or multi-shaded warps

    2.  Whether I’m winding a mult-colored or mulit-shaded warp I use an easy method that keeps everything in order.  Click Here for my easy warping method. 

      Rayon Chenille is so easy to weave!

    3. Click Here for all our TIPS on Weaving with Chenille.  Once the Gypsy Chenille scarf is on the loom, it’s easy sailing to weave it off.  I warped and wove this Stitch Red Scarf  Kit in less than a day! And this kit is designed to weave either one thick & snuggly scarf or two narrower scarves, so you can weave one for yourself and give the other as a way of promoting women’s heart health to someone you love!

      Throw your scarf in the washer!

    4. The best way to finish and full this scarf is to put it in the washer on gentle with a very mild laundry liquid.  Throw it in the dryer and remove just before completely dry.  Complete warping, weaving and finishing instructions included with your Stitch Red Chenille Scarf kit!

Be sure to check out all our Stitch Red Kits.  There’s here  something for everyone…knitter, crocheter, spinner and weaver. Plus watch for our cute new Cotton Classic Lite Stitch Red Beret kit coming soon!

RED is truly the color of love, passion and a way of reminding us to STOP, smell the roses, take care of ourselves and do what we love for ourselves and all we love! 

Happy Heart Health Awareness to you!
Irene & Jodi

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Picture of Health!

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10,000′ at Molas Pass, SW CO
Wouldn’t you say that I was the picture of health?  Full of vitality, energy & stamina?
Well, the health insurance industry doesn’t think so!  Being self-employed (I’m the founder & owner of Cotton Clouds, Inc, the #1 source of  everything cotton for the hand knitter, weaver, spinner and crocheter).   I haven’t had many choices these past 33 years of ownership in Cotton Clouds. So I stuck with my original health insurance carrier.
Then I needed a new hip, new knee and some toe surgery.  Thanks to them I was covered, but no thanks to my this health insurance provider, I couldn’t change from an HMO to a PPO, because of these pre-existing conditions (in additions to some other surgeries as well).  In 20 years, I had 12 surgeries.  

Celebrating my 63rd Birthday in CO

But you wouldn’t know it by looking at me!  I am the picture of health (see above and below!).  I exercise, eat healthy (no junk food!), just lost 25 lbs, and have the best attitude about life, love & happiness.
Each year my premium rose to finally over $1200/month!  That’s outrageous! It was eating me out of house and home!
So why when I tried to find another health provider with a lower monthly premium was I rejected?  Because the bottom line is that, to them, I’m a risk.  But to me that’s being prejudiced.  They don’t know me.  They don’t know that I swim, hike, do Nia dance, take good care of myself (a monthly massage, local hot mineral springs, am a vegetarian, etc).  They don’t know that all those surgeries worked and I no longer have pain or trouble hiking a mile or two, swimming across a 30 acre lake or  doing non-impact aerobic dance (Nia) for an hour.
So what to do?  I read an article at by Arthur Delaney about something in Obama Care that might address my health insurance needs.  So I checked it out.  There is HOPE! I’ll tell you more about that next time. If you have a similar dilemma, check back to hear what you might be able to do.  It’s a bit scary and you have to have faith in your health for 6 months and not live in fear but it’s doable.

If your only dilemma is finding quality cotton yarns for your knitting, weaving & crochet or cotton spinning fibers to make your own yarns, the best HOPE for that is to visit us online at  and sign up for our educational e-newsletter & sales announcement by clicking here.

Me & my shadow hiking in San Juan Mts, CO


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