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The long & beautiful ride home….

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It's a 6 hour drive from Albuquerque to Safford through back country roads. It was a day of wonderful clouds like cotton!

Almost there. Viewing my backyard Mt. Graham and the Gila Valley from 100 miles away.

Driving home with time to reflect on the fabric of our lives at Convergence 2010; the people, the vendors, the fabrics, the weavings, the fun and friendships. All with heartfelt memories.

New Mexican wildflower up close and personal

New Mexican Thistle in full bloom

Handmade dolls, treasures from Peru; to be taken home as memories of Convergence 2010. Until next time..........

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A final look at Convergence 2010

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Although the show is over, I thought that we could take one last look at some of the beautiful products vendors had for sale at the show and some last looks at the beautiful people that made up this wonderful gathering of enthusiastic fiber artists.  Although Convergence comes only every two years, there are memories here to last a lifetime.  Enjoy!

First the loot:

Beautiful handwovens for sale

Navaho weavings including a Navaho wool American flag dress. There is a real love of the American flag among the Navaho's.

Gorgeous handspinning fibers by Chasing Rainbow Dyeworks at Carolina Homespun's booth

Redfish Dyeworks silk yarns in abundance

 And now the great connections with friends and business associates:

Cristella, Peggy Osterkamp, Steven Denkin (Unicorn Books)

Irene Schmoller (Cotton Clouds) & Richard Ashford (Ashford Handicrafts of New Zealand)

Liz Gipson (Schacht Spindle Co.) & Irene Schmoller (Cotton Clouds) planning great things to come!

Irene & Lynn Lucas (Red Corn Tours) became fast friends and plan to see the Dali Lama in Fayetteville, Arkansas, May 2011!

Too cute to miss! Peggy Osterkamps stylish shoes!

Peggy Osterkamp's new book, Weaving for Beginners sold out! It can be ordered from Cotton Clouds.

And my favorite of all, a spinner and weaver from Cusco, Peru.

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The Show Was Almost Over……………

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    Here’s the last day’s images from Convergence 2010.  Most vendors wre disappointed by HGA’s lack of promotional expertise to  bring in the expected crowds from surronding Albuquerque into the show. 

    We all expected the show floor to be buzzing with thousands of enthusiastic fiberartists searching for handmade clothing, ethnic clothing, baskets, jewelery, fiberarts supplies from looms to yarns.  But the show floor on Saturday & Sunday was quite empty. Listen up HGA; vendors are joining together to do something about the lack of HGA’s concern for our welfare. Vendors love to be loved by the show of an enthusiastic crowd!!

    However, we all had a grand time visiting each other and catching up on old times.  The photos below attest to that.

    Bob Kruger and staff wove on their huge AVL loom

    Alison Giachetti at the Weavolution booth. It was always busy!

    Gorgeous yarns in every imaginable color of the rainbow at the Yarn Barn booth.

Susan & Jim Bateman at their huge Yarn Barn booth that spread across the aisle

Our popular Color Horoscope Weaving Baby Blanket kit

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A love of fiber: Connections and Reflections

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What binds us fiberartists together so?  Is it a love of the tactile; the color; the practical; the esoteric; or all wrapped into one that brings us together to celebrate it all?  Whatever it may be, Convergence 2010 is a gathering of the spirit of the goodness that lies within.

Here are some images that speak for themselves of the people who make up the wonderful fiberarts community.  Join us!

Irene wrapped in Bonnie Tarses Color Horoscope Weaving Shawl

Peggy Osterkamp signing her new book, "Weaving for Beginners". We sold out!

Lamb Chop joins the Cotton Clouds' team!

Liz Gipson, Schacht Spindle Co, warping a Baby Wolf at Carolina Homespun's booth

Morgaine Wilder, Carolina Homespun enjoying the show at her massive booth of wheels, looms, and every other imaginable fiber arts supply.

Barry Schacht (Schacht Spindle), Richard Ashford (Ashford Handicrafts)& Francois Brassard (Leclerc Looms) are all good buddies, competition aside!

Dave van Stralen (Louet) is the new president of The Spinning & Weaving Association. We shared a booth with Weavolution

Convergence 2010 has truly lived up to its name of gathering people from all over the world, from all walks of life, from a diversity of fiberarts interests together under one roof to share the joys of spinning, weaving and the beauty of the fibers in our lives. It was a grand party!

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More from Convergence 2010: Faces and the Loot!

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What a great day meeting new friends, visiting with long time ones, going to dinner with spinning & weaving friends in the business from 30 years back!

Here are some more great images live from Convergence 2010.

Lynn & Dave from Red Corn, what a hoot they are!

Lynn & Dave from Red Corn, what a hoot!

Red Corn’s beautiful fabrics


Lookin’ good in red in this handwoven rayon wrap! Didn’t take it home!
Bar Maid hand lotions in a bar
Bar Maids give you a free handwashing with their fabulous “scrub”

Yes, having fun yet!

Yes, having fun yet!

Coral: the next generation of artistic weavers

Coral's funky t-shirt below that hot pink head of hair! What a kid!

Linda Ligon, Interweave Press founder, stopped by. We've known each other for over 30 years!

Just two more days to go.  We’re all looking forward to the general public coming in to see the show  on Saturday and Sunday.  Look for images of me with my newest friend tomorrow.  She’s very cute, very soft and even talks up a storm!

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The Faces of Convergence 2010

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Friday, July 23, 2010, live from Convergence 2010:

No time to write much but here are some wonderful faces of Convergence 2010.  Having a ball!

"I want to tke this buddy home!"

"I'm a weaver from Cusco, Peru"

"I'm Duka Maya Subedi and spent 17 years in a Nepalese Refuge Camp but that didn't stop me from earning a degree in Business. I re-located to Albuquerque in 2008."

"I'm just lovin' Convergence 2010 even at my age!"

"Winter Rose & Grandma from Window Rock, AZ (Navajo land)"OK Grandmother, I'll smile" (Winter Rose)

"I love you granmother"

"How's that loom workin' for ya?"  Barry Schacht, Schacht Spindle Co.

“How’s that loom workin’ for ya?” Barry Schacht, Schacht Spindle Co.

That’s it for today.  Check back tomorrow for images of the loot at Convergence 2010!

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Convergence 2010: Opening Day!

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The show has begun!

Cotton Clouds' booth ready for shopping!

It was a busy first day since so many of our valued customers stopped by to visit, pick up their brand new & updated 2010 Cotton Clouds’ catalog (ask for yours with your next order) and shopped till they dropped at our booth.

Irene Monroe and Irene Schmoller

 Lontime friend of Cotton Clouds’ and Bonnie Tarses, Irene Monroe (on right) stopped by to show us her exta ordinary Color Horoscope Shawl (her husband’s horoscope!) woven in her own hand dyed bambu yarns!  We love when customers stop by! 

 Irene & Richard Ashford

Ashford Handicrafts of New Zealand sponsored a Ashford dealer breakfast this morning, introducing us to all their new products.  Most exciting is “the Katie” 8-harness portable workshop table loom.  There are so many Richard Ashord-inspired conveniences on it that you are going to love it’s ease of warping(very clever guy this Richard!) and it’s lightweight and portable (comes with a convenient carry-bag) aspects.  Ideal for taking on vacation and for workshops.

Peggy Osterkamp & "Weaving for Beginners"

Although it wasn’t our scheduled “Weaving for Beginners” book signing, Peggy was swarmed by “groupies” who love her work and wanted her to sign her book which was on sale in the Cotton Clouds booth.  It’s now considered THE learnning to weave book; one that you’ll want to own whether you are new to weaving or have been at it for years.  Especially essential if you are going to (we hope you are) teach someone else to weave.  These are now in stock at Cotton Clouds.  Click here to order yours!

In native costume from Cusco, Peru

Convergence 2010 is certainly an international event. There’s so much excitement an enthsiasm to welcome spinners and weavers from all over the world.  Isn’t she a beauty.

In native dress from Bhutan

And this beautiful young woman is from Bhutan but living in Albuquerque.  Notice the red dot (Kumkum) between her eyes,  as an act of worship to the inner Guru to overcome ego.  Ah, we all should be wearing one of these!    

Having a great time in New Mexico, wish you all were here.  It certainly is the land of enchantment.  Check back tomorrow for more news, live onsite at Convergence 2010, Abuquerque, NM!  Irene

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