Flash Sale: 50% Off-Segue Ribbon Yarn


I love this yarn! As a matter of fact, it was love at first sight!  She came into  my life late in the game.  I wish I had found her sooner; wish I had embraced her more often;  wished I had caressed her softness and sparkle years before.

Now she is almost gone!  The Italian factory where she has been made is closing its doors and Segue will soon be no more!

But there is still hope!  When I found her recently at the TNNA (The National Needlework Association) Trade Show in San Jose, California she was almost gone but not quite.

Trendsetter Yarns still has quite a good inventory of this 100% nylon ribbon yarn in their warehouse and they said if I purchased large enough quantities of this gorgeous closeout yarn, I could have all I wanted of her in all her glorious (twenty!) colors at 50% Off!  That’s where you come in!

sweaterShe’s A Real Beauty!

So now I am sharing her beauty with you! Like any woman’s photo, it never pays justice to her shimmering beauty, her vibrant color or her possibilities!  You just have to hold her in your arms and embrace her vitality. I invite you to see her for yourself; to hold her, caress her, entice her between your needles, hook or heddles and bring her beauty to life in your own hands.

Flash Sale 50% Off

For a limited time, Segue Ribbon Yarn by Trendsetter will be on sale for 50% Off!  Because of the nature of our FLASH SALE, Segue will be sold only by the bag.  There are 5 @ 100 gram (120 yards/skein) skeins per bag.  2 stitches = 1″ on #5 needle or sett at 8 ends per inch or used as accent in weaving.


Gorgeous Colors Too!

Here are just some of the beautiful color combinations of Segue Ribbon Yarn.

Brights.jpg animal-print

Azteca.jpg calvins

flower-garden mauveberry

Mossy Oak.jpg plum-wine

peacock Pink Zebra.jpg

Tapestry.jpg Popsicle.jpg

Get Inspired!

Here are some inspirational photos of what you can do with Segue.  Her stunning, multidimensional colorways are all you need to add exciting interest to any fabric!

Woven Fabric
Knit Fabric

What A Deal!

woven-sariAt 50% Off, you just can’t afford to miss out on this super-saver yarn.  Stock up on all the colors of your heart’s desire, because once this beauty is gone, she’ll be gone forever and only a whisper of what could have been! Order now! Order with friends! Order a lot!  I guarantee you won’t be sorry!  She’s just such a beauty.  I bet you’ll love her as much as I do! Enjoy!   Irene

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