Reuse and Rejoice!


Celebrating 44 Years of Earth Day!

treeDid you know that if every household in the U.S used just 1 less 70-sheet roll of virgin fiber paper towel 544,000 trees could be saved?

Cotton Clouds has a variety of organic cottons that can be used for both weaving and knitting kitchen towels, helping you to ditch the disposable paper products.

In turn, you’ll save money, be a good steward of the planet and a great role model for the future generations!


Weaving Kitchen Towels


It’s not always easy to FIND the time to weave, but because you love that feeling of accomplishment and watching warp and weft inter-mingle to become cloth, you MAKE the time to weave. To help, we have more than 65 all-natural towel kits from which to choose! Shown here, starting in the top left, are the All Natural Kitchen Towels in Cottolin, Rigid Heddle Kitchen Kitsch Towels, Aurora Earth Rainbow Sampler, and the Touch of Spring Towel.


Knitting Towels & Cloths


Who doesn’t love a pop of color in their home? These knit towels are a fancy enough to be a lovely gift and practical for everyday use!  Seedling, from Classic Elite, is an organic fiber that is more robust and less stressed by chemicals so it has an increased absorbancy and color intensity. The Lace Edged Hand Towel, shown on the left is available as a free download, as is the Bubble Up Towel, shown in the center. Pakucho is a naturally colored organic cotton, available in Sport or Worsted, and a wonderful choice for kitchen towels as well. The Mitered Hanging Towel shown on the right, another free pattern, is a throw back to a style you might know and love from the older generations in your family. They knew what they were talking about and put a high value on a fresh dishtowel each day!

Classic Potholder Weaving Project

loopsIf you’re a fan of color or nostalgia you’ll love these Potholder kits! Cotton is a great choice for potholders as it won’t melt and is easy to clean! We source 100% recycled cotton yarns, made from waste fabric from the clothing industry that is shredded and re-spun into yarn, then knit on old (1960’s) refurbished  pantyhose knitting machines.

Potholders can also be sewn together to make place mats or rugs. Boys and girls love to express their creativity with colorful cotton loopers in the Deluxe Potholder Kit! Potholder loom weaving is not new, take a look at our Pinterest boards to see a collection of the vintage looms and inspired projects

More Project Inspiration

CCravbuttonAre you a Ravelry member? Our group is open to all cotton fans.

We would love to see your projects and encourage you to share them in our group!

Don’t clutter your space with rolls of paper towels or guest towels wrapped in plastic. These hand-made items are pieces of useable art!

Cotton Clouds is committed to recycling!

cloud recycling

Have fun knitting, weaving, crocheting and spinning with our organic cotton yarns and fibers!  Irene & Jodi

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