Easy Gifting: Cotton Clouds Towel Clubs

What’s the perfect way to stay motivated in your weaving all year long while making a great group of projects? A weaving club! Cotton Clouds offers many 6 and 12 month clubs for weavers of all skill levels. Check out these great club options for every weaver’s favorite project: towels.

Towels are a perennial favorite among weavers, and for good reason. With such a simple shape and relatively small size, there are endless ways to experiment! Cotton Clouds Kit of the Month clubs are a great way to try your hand at a lot of projects while reaping plenty of handy benefits:

  • You’ll save time because shipments arrived regularly and include everything you need to get started right away.
  • You’ll stay motivated with a steady delivery of inspiring projects – join any club for 6 months to receive a kit every other month, or choose the 12-month option for a new project each month.
  • And you’ll save money with free shipping and never having to purchase more yarn than you need.

Drop a hint to Santa that a membership in one of our towel clubs is the perfect thing to leave under the tree. Also, for a limited time, the first 25 members in each 12-month club will get our exclusive 2014 Year of Towels calendar!

NEW! Year of Towels Rigid-Heddle Club

Discover and delight in these projects to weave using any two-shaft loom. Weave structures include plain weave, waffle weave, houndstooth plaid, log cabin and pick up stick technique. Click here to learn more.

Projects from the Year or Towels Rigid-Heddle Club

Treasury of Towels Club

Choose from 6 or 12 projects that are perfect for kitchen, sauna, or bath. Click below to watch a video tour of all the great projects in this club. Click Here to watch Treasury of Towels video.

Click here to learn more.

Winning Towels Kit of the Month Club

Designing With Color towels

These designs from Handwoven’s 21st Century Towel Contest are perfect for four shafts and will keep you weaving all year long. Choose the basic club to receive enough materials to make 2-3 of each towel, or the deluxe club if you’d like to make 4-6 towels from each kit. A personal favorite from this club are the Designing With Color waffle weave kitchen towels. This is the perfect project for anyone who wants to experiment with color. You will receive four colors to work with; one color for the border and three colors for the waffle weave squares. Click here to learn more.

NEW! Eight-Shaft Towel Club

Not all towels in this club require eight shafts; some use five or six. All, however, show the advantages in design and use of weave structure provided by more than four shafts. Weave towels in M’s and O’s, in variations of lace, undulating twill, and more! Click here to learn more.

Projects from the asdsad
Projects from the 8-Shaft Towel Club

Top 10 Towels Club

Discover and delight in these projects from our newest Best of Handwoven: Top 10 Towels on 4-shafts e-book from Interweave Press. Each of these towel projects (except one which can be adjusted) can be woven on your 18″-20″ four-shaft loom. Click here to learn more.

Projects from the Top 10 Towels Club
Projects from the Top 10 Towels Club

Enjoy one of these clubs and keep yourself weaving all through the year! Or, if the Santa in your family isn’t quite sure which club to choose, there are always gift certificates, which you can spend on joining the club of your choice.

Happy holidays – here’s to a warm and handwoven 2014!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom Booth says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I joined the Top 10 Towels Club as a holiday gift from me FOR me. I have been weaving off and on since 1998 and have gotten to the point that I no longer care to design towels. This club and the WONDERFUL ladies at Cotton Clouds has made weaving a joy since I no longer have to order whole cones of threads that I will never use up. This makes my craft very affordable to make great gifts available all year long.

    Many thanks again, Irene and Jodi!
    Tom in NC

    1. Thanks TOM! You made our day! This is exactly why we have our weaving clubs! You said it all in a nutshell! Irene & Jodi

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