Introducing Spinzilla – Join Us!

Get out your spindles and wheels, Spinzilla is coming!

Spinzilla is a community-wide challenge to see who can spin the most yarn during Spinning and Weaving Week (October 7-13, 2013).

We’ll be spinning up a storm with Team Cotton Clouds, and we’d love to have you join us!

Can humble cotton win Spinzilla gold? We think so!
Can humble cotton win Spinzilla gold? We think so!

The Details

  • Who: Team Cotton Clouds
  • What: Spinzilla 2013
  • When to register: Register between now and September 23.
  • When to spin: Spin, spin, spin during Spinning and Weaving Week, from October 7-13.
  • Where: Wherever you want! Get creative and try to fit spinning into your routine as much as possible!
  • Why: Why not?! Can we make enough yarn to reach from one side of the U.S. to the other? Maybe around the globe, or even to the moon?

How Do I Join A Team?

Joining a team is easy. Simply click here to visit the TNNA website to sign up anytime between now and September 23rd. We hope you’ll join our team!

Though you can spin any type of fiber you’d like, our goal is to make Team Cotton Clouds the place for cotton during Spinzilla. We’ll be sharing cotton spinning tips and tricks, giving away cotton fiber and other goodies, and having a whole lot of fun along the way!

Get your cotton ready, Spinzilla is coming!
Get your cotton ready, Spinzilla is coming!

You can keep up on the action in a variety of ways. Each team has:

There’s a $10 registration fee to join Spinzilla, and all of the funds raised go toward starting a spinning program as part of the National Needlearts Mentoring Program (NAMP).

How Is The Winner Determined?

During Spinning and Weaving Week, participants will share photos of their spinning and submit their yardage to their team captain. At the end of the week, each captain (ours is the wonderful Connie Peterson) will calculate their team’s yardage and submit their spinning results, and the inaugural Spinzilla winning team will be crowned and inherit the Spinzilla trophy along with bragging rights for the next year. Can Team Cotton Clouds take the prize? We sure hope so!

The Prizes

In addition to the official Spinzilla prizes, we’ll be giving away goodies throughout Spinzilla. If you’re part of our team, you could win:

  • A $25 Cotton Clouds gift certificate
  • A package of our hand-dyed cotton sliver
  • A brand new copy of Hand Spinning Cotton by Harry & Olive Linder. This book is currently VERY expensive and hard to find because it’s out of print, but Cotton Clouds will be re-printing it so a new generation can appreciate this fabulous resource!
How can you work spinning into your daily routine? Join us as we spin without limits!

Stay tuned for more info about Spinzilla, team Cotton Clouds, and all the activities we have planned. Whether or not you join our team, we hope you’ll join in the fun during this exciting week!

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  1. Looks like I might have to get a new wheel just for this occasion!

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