We’ve Made Summer Cotton Spinning Easier with Free Shipping!

cotton-basketAs summer temperatures continue to climb, we’re happy to be surrounded by soft, cool clouds of cotton fiber. Cotton really is a dream to spin and knit in the summer months, and the finished yarn is perfect for everything from a woven set of placemats to a lightweight knit sweater. With a few days left in our extended Free Shipping Sale, now is the perfect time to grab a spindle and get to spinning!

If you’re new to spinning cotton, don’t be intimidated! There are a wide variety of resources to get you started, and once you learn, you’ll be hooked! Wondering about terms like boll, punis, or sliver? For a quick primer on the different types of cotton fiber, click below to watch our Cotton Fibers for Spinning from Seed to Sliver video (or read more about it in this recent newsletter). It’s a quick walkthrough that will take the mystery out of cotton terminology, and it will also introduce you to the different types of cotton fiber available for spinning.


When it comes time to pick your fiber, the options are nearly endless. Our All About Spinning Cotton Kit is a perennial favorite and includes a tahkli spindle, expert step-by-step illustrated instructions,  plus samples of many different types of cotton for you to experiment with. Once you’re done trying things out, choose from one of the many types of prepared cotton for your next project. You’ll find a full selection on our website, but here are a few of our favorites:

caption caption
From left: Easy To Spin Acala Cotton Sliver, Colored Cotton Combo, Cotton Punis Packs.

If more instruction is what you’re after, you’ll be happy to find that there is a great selection of DVDs and e-books. Try one of these options to take your cotton spinning skills to the next level:

From left: Cotton Spinning with the Takli by Joan Ruane, Cotton Spinning Made Easy by Joan Ruane, Spinning Cotton by Stephenie Gaustad, and Cotton: From Growing to Finishing by Spin-Off Magazine.

And don’t forget about our Free Shipping Sale, which has been extended until August 19th. You’ll receive free shipping on any order of cotton spinning fiber or cotton kits when you use promo code SPINCOTTON at checkout!

Stay cool, and happy spinning!

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