Meet the ZOOM Loom!

zoom loom packageThe ZOOM Loom is a small pin loom that can go anywhere, and make almost anything! Its tiny size (it’s just 4″ x 4″!) means that it can easily fit into a bag for weaving on the go, and the blocks you’ll weave are great modular starting points for a myriad of projects. This little loom is quick and easy, even if you’ve never woven before, and you’ll be able to make purses, scarves, blankets, pillows, and anything else your imagine can dream up!

ZOOM Loom features:

  • The sloping interior edge guides your weaving needle.
  • Graceful extended sides are easy to hold.
  • Molded-in instructions on the front and back are always there when you need them.
  • A handy slot holds the starting yarn without knotting.
  • Made in Boulder, Colorado!
  • The ZOOM Loom comes in an attractive carrying case.

  • A 6″ weaving needle and a 3″ yarn needle are included, as well as a full-color instruction book with three projects.
  • An online instructional video is now available.

Schacht offers several free projects for the ZOOM Loom, and more are on the way. We’ve packaged several of these projects with all the needed yarn into handy kits so it’s easy to get started. The Pincushion Kit and Placemat Kit are currently available, and the Outrageous Summer Beach Bag and Runway Tote are coming soon!

Free ZOOM Loom projects (from left): Pincushions Squared, Pixie Hat, Zippy Bow Tie,  Zigzag Scarf, Modular Placemat, and Tablet/E-Reader Case.
tempo zoom squares
Tempo creates a great color depth on the ZOOM Loom.

One of our favorite yarns to use with the ZOOM Loom is Filatura De Crosa’s Tempo. It’s a subtly rustic cotton-blend yarn which combines 3 strands – a multicolored print, a contrasting thick-&-thin and a nubby tweed – and it has a hint of nylon for elasticity to make weaving easy.

It takes about 8 yards of Tempo to make a square on the ZOOM Loom, which means that one ball of yarn can make about 14 squares.

In addition to Tempo, there are plenty of other yarns that work great on the ZOOM Loom. We timed ourselves at about 15 minutes to make one ZOOM Loom square, so grab a skein or two of any of these yarns and you’ll have a finished project on your hands in no time:

Our favorite ZOOM Loom yarns. From left: Panda Cotton, Panda Silk, Allegoro, Seedling, Cotton Fine, and SoftBall.

Click below to see the ZOOM Loom in action, preview finished projects, pick up some tips & tricks, and more!

We love this little loom and we know you will too! Once you get your hands on one, it may be impossible to take them off!

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