Over the edge: Knitting patterns inspire!

Knitting 2

Aren’t knitting patterns inspiring! I look at the details and often find little treasures – bits of the pattern I could borrow to put in another project. Maybe just an edging….

Photo by Joe Hancock, © Interweave Press 2010
Photo by Joe Hancock, © Interweave Press 2010

This is an awe inspiring shawl, Someday I want to knit the whole shawl but right now I only have a little time. I am borrowing just the edging for a swatch.

Tencel Lace Edging 2

Edgings are incredibly useful to jazz up anything. Lace edgings are beautiful and give glamour  and spark. They can be applied to a blouse, the edge of a skirt, pockets, a decorative   pillow, a purse, a Christmas ornament and more.

T-shirt by SabakuEdging by me
T-shirt by Sabaku
Edging by me

I wanted this shirt to be longer. Look what a lace edging does for it.

WIL cover

The shawl is from Wrapped in Lace. This book is chock-full of wonderful shawls, beautiful lace patterns and lots of inspiration and borrowable ideas.

Pattern inspiration

Here is another idea. I liked the design of this sweater and I wanted to use up some of my stash of handspun yarn. I decided on a naturally brown 2-ply cotton.

Pattern in cotton

I didn’t think the flower boxes would not work in brown so I changed it to lace checks and kept the squares. The gauge in my cotton was a bit smaller but as cotton stretches I stayed with the pattern size.

All Laced Up

How about a wide edging for a tea cozy? This would make a nice gift for cozy lovers.


The beautiful Tencel yarn in the swatch is wonderful to work with.  It is shiny with a nice drape but still has body. The 8/2 size is a nice lace weight. Love the color and the color name – Lemon Grass.  It is available in mini-cones – 840 yds for only $8.50.

Happy Knitting and Idea Borrowing!

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