Coloring Contest for Weavers

Introducing our new

COLORING Contest for Weavers! 

It’s easy to enter and the prizes are big!

(from Schacht, Tahki, Cotton Clouds, Weavolution, etc; see below)

     Simply weave a scarf  7″ x 60″ (plus fringe) using at least four different colors of our best selling Cotton Classic yarns on any 2-shaft loom (2-shaft floor, rigid heddle, Cricket loom)!       
    Color inspiration can come from a Spring bouquet, a magazine ad, your favorite painting. This is a great opportunity to take out your color wheel, or use this interactive one (click here,) for inspiration.   
This COLORING Contest for Weaver’s theme highlights the kaleidosocope of 135 colors in Cotton Classic and 41 colors in Cotton Classic Lite, challenging you to present the most creative use of colors in your project.  
Prizes: *1st Place – $200 Gift Certificate (awarded by Cotton Clouds)
            *2nd Place – $150 Gift Certificate (awarded by Schacht maker of the Cricket Loom)
            *3rd Place – $100 Gift Certificate Cotton Classic Yarns (awarded by Tahki)
            *Honorable Mention  – $50 Gift Certificate Cotton Classic Yarns (awarded by Tahki)
            *Honorable Mention –  $50 Gift Certificate Cotton Classic Yarns (awarded by Tahki)
            *Honorable Mention  – $25 Gift Certificate for Classes (awarded
Rules: Winning designs and written instructions become the property of Cotton Clouds, Inc. Woven scarf will be used for photography and returned to owner. 

Entries: Electronic email entry form will be used for all submitted entries. Details will be given in our March 17, 2011 e-newsletter. ( Click Here, to subscribe) Be sure to open ths email to learn more about how to enter! 

Twenty plus entries will be selected as semi-finalists and mailed to Cotton Clouds for final judging. Cotton Clouds will pay return shipping.

Deadline: Entry deadline – May 1, 2011 Announcement of winning entries- June 1, 2011 via your personal email, on Facebook, Ravelry and Weavolution. 



Everyone Wins! For each entry posted on our Ravelry page, Cotton Clouds will donate to our local Mt. Graham Safe House (


Yarn Sale! *Save 10% on all Cotton Classic Yarn Contest Supplies! Use CODE WEAVE10
 Click Here for  COLORING Contest Specials
 *Cricket Loom Special.
 Special includes Cricket Loom,The Weaver’s Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom DVD Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom and 5 skeins of Cotton Classic or Cotton Classic Lite yarns. $209.50 Entire package includes 10% Off
  *Contest Inspiration Package


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