Cotton Dyeing

1-eyeDid you know that your eyes are capable of distinguishing between 10 million colors? That’s what the experts say! Maybe you would like to make a purple sweater – do you want a purple that is more lilac, violet, or fuschia? If you have a specific color in mind for a project, you might want to try experimenting with dyeing your own yarn. Dyeing your own yarn is a fun project to try at home. The result of having your own unique colorway will add to the feeling of pride in your handiwork!

Dyeing Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarns require a slightly different approach for dyeing.


Cotton Fiber and Wool Fiber as seen under an electron microscope

  • Cotton is a cellulose fiber (not a protein fiber, like wool, alpaca, or human hair).
  • Prepare your yarn by winding it into a skein.
  • Wash your yarn to remove any spinning oil or wax that may prevent dye absorption. Click here to our “From Start To Finish: Cotton Spinning” video for specifics on this scouring process.
  • Pretreat the yarn
  • Use dyes that are specific for cellulose fibers – Cotton Clouds offers Botanical Dyes that are great option.

EZ Dye and Dye-Lishous

EZ-Dye (Dye-Lishous) Cotton Sliver and Cotton Yarn have been pre-mordanted so that the fiber will take up the dye so that you will not have to mordant your cotton prior to dyeing. This eliminates the pretreatment step, saving time, money, energy and water!

Top: Botanical Dyes, EZ-Dye Dye Lishus Cotton Sliver undyed and dyed; Bottom: EZ Dye Cotton woven into Napkins

Top: Botanical Dyes, EZ-Dye Dye Lishus Cotton Sliver   Bottom: EZ Dye Cotton woven into Napkins

The other great advantage of EZ Dye Cotton is that it can be dyed so easily after spinning and weaving. Weave the EZ-Dye (Dye-Lishus) yarn by itself or with an untreated cotton yarn. The fun begins when you immerse the finished cloth in a dye bath! The treated EZ-Dye (Dye-Lishus) cotton yarn will absorb the dye, and the untreated will not. Imagine napkins, baby blankets, shawls, and jackets that can be quickly woven without color. Once you know what color you want your log cabin or shadow weave project, you simply dye it! Magic!

Here are the kits has ready for you:

 Everything You Need to Know is Here!

Handspinning Cotton

Whether you’re a hand spinner or just want to know the most successful way to spinning cotton yarns, this newly re-published (by Cotton Clouds) book, Handspinning Cotton will give you all the recipes you’ll need to dye your cotton!

 Dyeing with Drink Mix

An easy introduction to dyeing, and one that is also a fun activity to do with kids, is to use powdered drink mix. You’ll end up with a yarn in a unique colorway and one that smells fruity too! Just know that the color will fade over time and with washing.

Yarn Dyeing

Cotton yarn before, during, and after a dip in a summertime drink “dye” bath!


 What’s Your Dyeing Experience?

We’d love to hear about your experiences with dye experiments! Leave us a comment here on the blog, share it on our Facebook page, or post in our Ravelry group.  If you’re inspired to give dyeing a try, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for even more inspiration!


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Reuse and Rejoice!


Celebrating 44 Years of Earth Day!

treeDid you know that if every household in the U.S used just 1 less 70-sheet roll of virgin fiber paper towel 544,000 trees could be saved?

Cotton Clouds has a variety of organic cottons that can be used for both weaving and knitting kitchen towels, helping you to ditch the disposable paper products.

In turn, you’ll save money, be a good steward of the planet and a great role model for the future generations!


Weaving Kitchen Towels


It’s not always easy to FIND the time to weave, but because you love that feeling of accomplishment and watching warp and weft inter-mingle to become cloth, you MAKE the time to weave. To help, we have more than 65 all-natural towel kits from which to choose! Shown here, starting in the top left, are the All Natural Kitchen Towels in Cottolin, Rigid Heddle Kitchen Kitsch Towels, Aurora Earth Rainbow Sampler, and the Touch of Spring Towel.


Knitting Towels & Cloths


Who doesn’t love a pop of color in their home? These knit towels are a fancy enough to be a lovely gift and practical for everyday use!  Seedling, from Classic Elite, is an organic fiber that is more robust and less stressed by chemicals so it has an increased absorbancy and color intensity. The Lace Edged Hand Towel, shown on the left is available as a free download, as is the Bubble Up Towel, shown in the center. Pakucho is a naturally colored organic cotton, available in Sport or Worsted, and a wonderful choice for kitchen towels as well. The Mitered Hanging Towel shown on the right, another free pattern, is a throw back to a style you might know and love from the older generations in your family. They knew what they were talking about and put a high value on a fresh dishtowel each day!

Classic Potholder Weaving Project

loopsIf you’re a fan of color or nostalgia you’ll love these Potholder kits! Cotton is a great choice for potholders as it won’t melt and is easy to clean! We source 100% recycled cotton yarns, made from waste fabric from the clothing industry that is shredded and re-spun into yarn, then knit on old (1960’s) refurbished  pantyhose knitting machines.

Potholders can also be sewn together to make place mats or rugs. Boys and girls love to express their creativity with colorful cotton loopers in the Deluxe Potholder Kit! Potholder loom weaving is not new, take a look at our Pinterest boards to see a collection of the vintage looms and inspired projects

More Project Inspiration

CCravbuttonAre you a Ravelry member? Our group is open to all cotton fans.

We would love to see your projects and encourage you to share them in our group!

Don’t clutter your space with rolls of paper towels or guest towels wrapped in plastic. These hand-made items are pieces of useable art!

Cotton Clouds is committed to recycling!

cloud recycling

Have fun knitting, weaving, crocheting and spinning with our organic cotton yarns and fibers!  Irene & Jodi

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Oh Baby!

What do you think of when you think of Spring?

Color, new life and a time of renewal all come to mind for me!

Cotton Clouds brings you a burst of color and new projects for the little ones in your life, perfect gifts for upcoming baby showers, first birthdays, and other fun events on your calendar.

Read on for our great baby kit deal!

Modern Cotton Project Inspiration

Modern Cotton, a Pima Cotton/Modal Rayon blend yarn, is a great choice for any baby project. The stitch definition, easy care and generous yardage is a great jumping point for so many projects – just imagine the possibilities!

Garments for babies and children can be a great way to learn a new technique, and they work up quickly. A special handmade Diggory or Rosebay sweater or Bilberry dress is also personal and more unique than anything you might pick up in a big box retail shop.

Wouldn’t the Babbity Bunny would be adorable peeking out of an Easter basket, and you can make two from one kit!


Our New Modern Cotton Baby Blanket (shown here in Mackeral)
Modern Cotton Colors(top to bottom): Bluebird, Brickley, Waterfire, Bluffs, Iggy

Of course, there is a baby blanket pattern and with the range of colors it is easy to go with a traditional colorway or bold and bright. We have kits for each of the projects shown above, they are a great click-and-purchase grab-and-go project!

Weaving for the Wee Ones

Is there anything cozier than wrapping up in a handmade blanket? Woven blankets are always a welcome gift! Durable and lightweight, you will enjoy exploring color and texture as you create the fabric.

Cotton Cloud’s Baby Blanket Weaving kit-of-the-month club will give you just the right amount of yarn for each project without having to buy full size cones.

Our Basic Baby Blanket Collection features all 100% Cotton blankets plus one luxurious silk/bambu blend yarn blanket.

The four kits included in the Deluxe Collection features bamboo, rayon chenille and 100% cotton yarns. All of the blankets are machine wash and dryable, a real plus for any baby item.

Truly Unique Baby Gifts

For a truly unique and special baby gift, take a look at this woven Heirloom Christening Gown. It is suitable for a boy or girl, heirloom quality, and affordable in perle cotton and Bambu. The kit also includes enough yarn to make a matching set of booties!

Baby-wearing is not a new idea but has come back into fashion. The Rosepath Baby Wrap will let Mom keep her baby close, calm and happy while having her hands free!

Exclusive FREESHIP KIT Sale! freeshiptruck

What project are you most excited to start? To celebrate all things baby, when you spend $75 or more at Cotton Clouds on any of the baby kits in March, enjoy Free Shipping with the code BABY.

We have even more project inspiration for baby over on our Pinterest board!

We hope you’ll share your completed projects for your favorite little ones over on Facebook or in our Ravelry group!

Happy Baby! Happy Spring! Happy All Things New & Beautiful!

Irene & Jodi

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Organic Cotton for Baby

Introducing 100% Organic Cotton Baby Kits from Appalachian Baby Designs


Appalachian Baby Design takes a distinctive American approach to handmade baby gifts. They provide the designs, yarns and gift packaging for the discerning knitter and crocheter to create an heirloom gift, using the finest natural fibers and accessories.

These kits are tributes to the quality, caring and good health, intended to be passed on and cherished for generations to come.

100% USA grown organic cotton yarns

All kits include 100% USA made organic cotton that’s a beautiful cable-plied yarn, easy-to-care (machine wash and dry able) and oh so so soft; time-tested, detailed instructions, hand painted buttons and trims where applicable.

You’ll find a wealth of adorable sweaters, blankets, hats, booties and spa sets perfect to give your favorite baby!

Our Organic Cotton yarn in these Appalachian Baby Designs is sourced directly from Texas cotton farms where it is custom spun into an exceptionally soft yarn that is easy-care machine wash and  dry.

The pure fiber’s natural color (no harsh dyes) makes it a gender neutral classic.

Check out these new Appalachian Baby Design kits. We love them and think you will too!

Happy Baby, Happy Knitting!

visit us online at 

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The birth of a baby afghan


Got BABY?  Need Blanket?

Annie's Afghan CC

Make square after square for a collection of washcloths for Baby, or stitch them together for a cuddly blankie! 

Cotton Clouds’ has put this Annie’s pattern  book together along with Cotton Classic  yarns and made it into a KIT!

Looking for a simple yet beautiful gift for that new one? Look no further than this baby blocks collection. This book includes instructions for 10 easy-to-knit blocks, each featuring a different textured pattern. Also included are instructions for a block with a slip-stitch pattern; this block is worked 10 times, with each block using different colors for the stripes.

Annie's 5

Worked in soft Cotton Classic, 100% cotton yarn and sewn together, the 20 blocks create a lovely baby blanket. Knit individually, they work equally well as washcloths for bath time.

The textured patterns are very geometric—diamonds, squares, basket weaves, circles, zigzag and more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the variety of stitch patterns as you work each 8-inch block. Special consideration was taken that the blocks do not have any lace holes or strands of yarn to catch little fingers or toes.

So grab your yarn and needles and get started on this fun, portable and always interesting project! It’s easy to order this all-in-one BABY BLOCK AFGHAN KIT with all the Cotton Classic  yarns and instructions you’ll need!

Meet the Designer

designerMy mother taught me to knit when I was 9 or 10 years old, but it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I picked up the needles again, and I haven’t put them down since. What started out as a hobby, knitting for my three children, has become a full-time career. I began knitting model garments for the yarn industry, and at the same time working on some of
my own designs.

I then began doing freelance designing, and my patterns have appeared in the collections of Classic Elite, Fiber Trends, Tahki Stacy Charles, Lion Brand Yarns and others. They have been published by Annie’s and Interweave Press. In 2001,
I launched my own business, Lisa Knits, a line of knitwear patterns that are available in yarn shops across
the country.page3image18856page3image19016

Basic Block & Afghan Informationpage5image2192page5image2352page5image2512

Skill Level: EasyAnnie;s Afghan4

Finished Measurements

Block: 8 x 8 inches

Afghan: 32 x 40 inches


  • Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic (DK weight; 100% mercerized cotton;
    108 yds/50g per hank):
  • 6 hanks butter yellow #3548 (A);
  • 2 hanks each coral #3473 (B), leaf green #3716 ,(C) soft turquoise #3816 (D), light denim #3847 (E) and light wisteria #3915 (F)
  • Size 7 (4.5mm) needles or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Stitch markers (optional)


20 sts and 28 rows = 4 inches/10cm in St st. To save time, take time to check gauge.A121090 copy

Pattern Notes

The afghan consists of 20 blocks made with Cotton Classic yarns: 1 each of the 10 different-color textured blocks and 10 slip-stitch blocks that are worked with 1 main color and  2 contrasting colors that vary with each block.

Each textured block requires approximately 70 yards. Each slip-stitch block requires approximately
50 yards of A (main color) and 14 yards each of 2 contrasting colors.

Each block begins and ends with 41 stitches.
The borders are worked in Seed stitch and the centers are worked in the different pattern stitches. If desired, place markers between the 4-stitch
Seed stitch borders and the main pattern stitches. See each block for the pattern stitches.


With A and using whipstitch or mattress stitch seam, using Cotton Classic yarn to sew blocks together create a 4-column, 5-row checkerboard of textured blocks (Blocks 1–10) and slip- stitch blocks (Blocks 11A–11J) in any order desired.

Order BABY BLOCK AFGHAN KIT now and save $12!

Annie;s Afghan3It’s a great way to learn 10 new textured stitch patterns!

Make 20 practical and soft washcloths for baby or yourself!

Create a luscious baby blanket afghan for your favorite baby!

Made with 100% mercerized Cotton Classic cotton yarn!

Machine wash and dryable!

Baby will love you for their  blankie and so will the happy parents!

                                                              Enjoy,  Irene & Jodi

visit us online at .  Register for e-newsletter sales and product updates.  Join us on Facebook for lots of fun and prizes.

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Rigid Heddle Loom Resources

Rigid Heddle Weaving is #1  with Cotton Clouds Customers!

    I often wonder, “What is driving this new interest in weaving?” My guess is that we all love yarns, their sensuous texture, dazzling colors and the sense of accomplishment we find in working with them.  Trying a Rigid Heddle Loom has these advantages:
  • TEST THE WATERS.  For many of us that have been knitting and crocheting for years, and are searching to explore something new, rigid heddle weaving is the perfect way to test the waters in weaving.
  • CHEAP THRILL. It doesn’t involve an expensive loom or the space required to house it!  If it’s not for you, you can always pass it on to your grandchild, who too is yearning to learn to weave!
  • BUSY LIFESTYLE. For others, like myself, who have been weaving for years, the convenience and portability of a smaller rigid heddle loom fits into our busy lives.
  • QUICK & EASY. The direct method of warping a rigid heddle loom means you can have a scarf on the loom in an afternoon and start weaving right away.
  • FABRIC MAGIC.  Plus there is just something intriguing about watching the fabric develop right before your eyes and so quickly and easily.

Weave creative, classic, and fun scarves!


Woven Scarves A collection of 26 stunning scarves and variations that  range in complexity for all skill levels. Primarily for weavers using rigidheddle loom (though drafts are provided for 4-shaft-loom weavers).Order Now

         Whether you purchase one of our many, many rigid heddle kits (or join a club!) or use up your leftover yarns, you’re sure to love the results!
    The resources available to learn and expand your rigid heddle skills is quite comprehensive, which makes it so much easier to jump right and and start weaving!

       eBook Patterns as $$$aving Kits & Clubs

       We’ve put together the best resources in eBook Patterns to give you multitude of rigid heddle weaving patterns and projects.

Rigid Heddle Pattern Book 1  The Rigid Heddle Pattern Book #1 is not only a book of lovely projects by rigid-heddle pioneer Betty Linn Davenport, but it’s also a how-to-book for creating amazing patterns on the rigid-heddle loom. Order now.


Rigid-Heddle Technique & Pattern Book 2   

 Weave these ten projects on a rigid-heddle loom or any multishaft loom you own. Discover lace curtains, rugs, towels, garments, and more! Plus learn new techniques like pick-up for lace and weaving with two heddles! Order now.

DVD’s for sure-bet success!

These three DVD’s will not only show you three different methods of warping your rigid heddle loom but more helpful  techniques for weaving simple weaves to complex designs and sure-bet success tips!


Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom by Jane Patrick  In this 2-disc set, you’ll see how to use it for all kinds of fabrics-from sturdy little rugs to sheer shawls, from simple plain weaves to complex finger manipulations to doubleweave and beyond. Order Now

Slots and Holes DVD by Liz Gipson

Master these three ways to warp, and you’ll be prepared to weave anything from simple plain fabrics to complex stripes or plaids to fine fabrics you thought were only possible on a floor loom.  Loaded with tricks and tips and know-how. Order Now!

 Must-Haves for your Weaving Library!



Weaving Made Easy by Liz Gipson Weaving Made Easy is the beginning weavers’ ultimate guide to making fun, simple, and functional weaving projects from start to finish. It features seventeen simple projects made on the rigid heddle loom.  Order Now.


Hands On RH Weaving Betty Davenport This easy-to-use guide covers choosing, setting up, and weaving on a rigid heddle loom. New projects and more to practice your weaving. For beginning and experienced weavers alike!

Order Now

Idea book

The Weaver’s Idea Book by Jane Patrick New and experienced weavers alike are always on the lookout for new patterns in different weave structures. This book presents a wide variety of patterns for the rigid-heddle loom, accompanied by harness drafts for multi-shaft looms.Order Now!

       Whether you want techniques for weaving looms for beginners or are looking for an advanced approach to the rigid heddle loom these resources are for you!
     Our most popular rigid heddle kit club has been A Year of Towels designed by our own Jodi Ybarra. It’s an ideal club for beginner and experienced weaver to learn new techniques while filling your cupboards with gorgeous cotton towels!
Year of Towels
Have fun weaving on your rigid heddle looms!  We do!  Irene & Jodi

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Make it Happen!

The Olympics got me thinking: What Olympian challenge do I have in my life that could use a little bit of motivation to MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Whatever it is in your life; whether it’s about finishing a knitting, weaving, crochet or spinning project, getting healthy, eating right, losing weight, finding a job, doing yoga, volunteering, starting your own business, it’s all about people who have a dream and work at it until they MAKE IT HAPPEN!  
only you

The three short videos here tell one story from three different angles. Enjoy!

 I love the story of my friend, Jeanne Carter of Imperial Stock Ranch, who had a dream of keeping her family’s ranch alive and how just by being there at the right time and place,  wool from her sheep was transformed into the USA 2014 Winter  Olympic Team’s sweaters for the opening ceremony!

      Meryl Davis and Charlie White, win GOLD at the 2014 Winter Olympics with a flawless program that’s been declared a masterpiece.  If you’ve seen it already, watch it again, this time imagining how you can MAKE IT HAPPEN, whatever your Olympic feat might be!  These kids have been skating together since they were pre-teens.  They kept at it over and over again to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  My favorite current motivator is Danielle LaPorte who knows just the right words to inspire you to see that you too can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Make It Happen In Your Life

     I’d love to hear your story of how you have or plan to MAKE IT HAPPENin your own life, no matter what that might be.  Post it on Cotton Clouds’ Facebook page or email me directly!

My Make It Happenings

    Mine?  I’m going to Houston February 27 to become an educator for  Ageless Grace to MAKE IT HAPPEN in my life- to work with baby boomers (myself included) to keep our mind and bodies healthy and active, even if it’s in a chair be-boppin’ to 60’s music!
ageless grace

Let’s all MAKE IT HAPPEN!and see how we can change ourselves & the world!

Cotton Clouds can easily help you MAKE IT HAPPEN with our full line of cotton, cotton blend yarns for knitting, weaving, crochet and spinning.
Visit us online at

Join us on Ravelry

Join us on Ravelry to share any project you are working on during the Olympics!
Ravellenics2014banner.3  Irene & Jodi

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